Synthesis and Symbiosis

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A bit of disambiguation: When I speak of fat women in the following article, my referent is not the busy mother-of-three, who has packed on an extra ten pounds in her tits and ass. That is normal, and often her husband will find her attractive that way. I’m talking about the bitches that look more like pigs than human beings. We’ve all seen them. They swamp our streets and ooze into our airline seats. These bitches are not only as wide as they are tall, but they often have weird, extraneous pouches of blubber, hanging off their legs and arms, in random locations.

The tendency to date fat women seems to be approaching critical mass. It is a common sight, where I live, to see a moderately fit, good-looking dude, with a BBW whale in tow. Our feminist enemies will tell us we are horrible for body-shaming, and that women are beautiful regardless of their size. Not only is this not true, but it is particularly deceptive in that it seems that it ought to be true. We intuitively sympathize with these unfortunates, and think that we ought to be fair to these people. That message is constantly reinforced by mass-media, which blares that beauty is “only skin deep.”

Beauty is not “only skin deep.” In the vast majority of cases, being morbidly obese is a problem with the mind, rather than some sort of “glandular” problem. The real danger in dating such a beast becomes obvious, when one accepts the underlying motivations for a woman to cause her body to take on such robust girth, such monstrous proportions. This sort of piggish fatness is, in fact, positively correlated with incurable mental problems. Morbid obesity is commonly comorbid with borderline personality disorder, for instance. It is also a strong marker of an eating disorder, like bulimia. Where you see a grotesque, you see a broken soul, inhabiting a captive corpse, in the process of self-destruction.

A marriage, or similar meretricious relationship, is a symbiotic relationship by definition. If you are providing for a woman, then it is reasonable that she should provide equal value in return. This means that if one partner goes out and works all day, the other person ought to keep house. If one partner is spending most of his time on the relationship, then the other partner ought to chip in with some nights out and some money in trade. Specifically, if you keep yourself in reasonable shape, it is unreasonable for her to devolve into a human-walrus hybrid.

The next time you’re at your local shopping mall, sit down and watch the couples stroll past. If you wait long enough, you’ll see a blonde guy with a crew cut, who looks like he could be straight out of GQ magazine, and he’ll be trailing behind some big ugly dog who looks like a character in a horror film. It is not only white dudes who are falling for this con, either. Check out a fair number of black men who dress professionally, look good and keep themselves in reasonable shape, and at least one of them will be saddled with a huge beast of a woman, who looks like she cleans out Golden Corral on a regular basis.

The most poisonous bit of irony in this feminist propaganda is that fat women know they are utterly repellent, and instinctively look down on their men for settling for their crap. Men like the ones described above commonly take an excessive amount of abuse for being the decent men that they are, and looking past the exterior, in an attempt to find some morsel of goodness in their blubbery interests. The women instinctively assume that such men are losers, who are only dating them because they can’t do any better, which usually couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fat women are unacceptable. Avoid them at all costs.

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6 thoughts on “Synthesis and Symbiosis”

  1. ‘In the vast majority of cases, being morbidly obese is a problem with the mind, rather than some sort of “glandular” problem.’

    I think very few cases are actually a physical body problem. Certainly mental illness is one, eating your weight in junk food for good feelz is another (emotional), and let’s not forget that gluttony is a sin…there’s a spiritual component in there.

    ‘Where you see a grotesque, you see a broken soul, inhabiting a captive corpse, in the process of self-destruction.’

    We need to bring back the idea of demonic possession or at least demonic persuasion back. Mental and emotional problems are only part of the story…the spiritual needs to be considered too.

    ‘Saint Thomas Aquinas (the “Angelic Doctor”) says that when the demons fell, they acquired a proper office, which is to tempt us.

    Satan and his minions are limited in what they can do. Should God allow them to use the full force of their angelic natures against us, they would have an unfair advantage. Yet, as we see in so many passages of the Bible — e.g., the stories of Job and Tobias in the Old Testament, and the various demoniacs that Our Lord and the Apostles exorcised in the New — the demons do have God’s leave to attack us in violent ways. Here, I am not interested in extraordinary diabolical activity, such as possession, oppression, obsession, and the like. I am rather interested in the ordinary diabolic activity, to which all of us are subject.

    Regarding the demons’ “proper office” of tempting us, let us recall that temptation is not an evil. It is actually an occasion for merit. In this way do the saints confound the devils, and bring glory and honor to God from the very deeds of the demons themselves. Between temptation and sin there is a chasm, and that chasm can only be bridged by our free will assenting to the evil proposed to it. A million temptations do not a sin make, just as a million venial sins do not a mortal sin make. These three things -— temptations, mortal sin, and venial sin -— differ not in degree but in kind.

    The demons gather strategic intelligence as they tempt. They learn by experience, and are good students of fallen human nature. Therefore, they tempt us now in one way, now another, observing all the while until they get some result — or not. We see that Satan himself tempted Jesus three times with three distinct sins: gluttony, avarice, and pride. Like a veteran safe-cracker plying his trade, he keeps feeling us out until he makes us “crack.”

    That said, demons cannot make us sin. They merely exercise persuasion. For this reason, they can be said to “cause” sin only indirectly.’

  2. Great comments from Earl.

    Discipline might be considered the opposite virtue, the antithesis of gluttony, sloth and pride.

    In my opinion, when a person (i.e. a woman) cannot discipline their eating habits, it’s a strong indicator that they lack discipline in other areas of their lives. I’ve found this to be true every time.

    I dated a couple fatties long ago. Even though they were nice people (which is why I went out with them), somehow, I shamefully regret that. Strangely, I now regret that much more than I regret having dated a few of the slutty types.

    “Never again!” I said to myself. “WHR < 0.7 or no deal!" To my utter surprise, this turned out to be a better rule of thumb for me than dating only Christians!

    Why so? According to my experience, it's much more likely that a woman will start believing in God than for her to gain even 2 SMV points. Faith grows over time, and so do waistlines!

  3. “Avoid them at all costs.”

    Easier said than done, the way parking spaces keep shrinking. And why are businesses giving them scooters so they can walk even less? Did Ronald McDonald make a bet with Sam Walton on how degenerate humanity can become given the chance? It ain’t safe to let fatties be the only people allowed to operate a motor vehicle in the grocery aisles.

    “We need to bring back the idea of demonic possession or at least demonic persuasion back.”

    Don’t blame Satan for what salad dressing can explain. Temptations of the flesh aren’t demon-motivated. Chunkies have nobody to blame but themselves.

    “I’m just big-boned!”

    “Is that why your bones don’t stick out?”

    “Umm… I’m demon-possessed, too!”

    *man runs for his life*

    “Where are all the good men?”

  4. The article never stated to blame demons for the sin. It was explaining what they do to tempt us.

    Go ahead fatty, have those 3 double cheeseburgers and pitcher of Coke…it’ll make you feel haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy.

  5. I stop drinking pop in may of 2027 and loss 20 lbs. I thing we woman need to understanding science and our bodies better. I have always eaten like a far girl but due my youth I had the body of a 6. Now I eat better but can’t flatted my stomach …. i work close to a starbuck s
    On the demon there is school of through which believe that what we called science and what we understand to be magic was back in biblical more similar than our secular intellectual Society care to admit . The use of chemicals to man to manipulate the human body is one aspect of what was originally called mad. We all know the powers that be are you in the biblical definition marriage they also supported and funded the women move how did that is the deliberate ignorant about the waiting with women bodied actually work. I can run with the chemical addiction to euphoric substances and you have obese women who would be good people and excellent wives if I didn’t hate themselves

  6. Men having sex with fat women = men doing what they must to get laid. Because sex with a fat woman is better than no sex at all.

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