Anticipating Calamity, Vol. 1

The one thing in this world you can not do enough of is covering your own behind. No one else will do it for you.

So, you’ve met some chick, and all of a sudden, sex happens. We’ve all been there. The problem, in this case, is that there has been no “memorandum of understanding” documented beforehand. This poses a problem in the #metoo era, given that you are now in a legal position which gives her the upper-hand.

Your duty, at this point, is to get her to say she had no complaints, in writing, and back this up to the cloud. Email is better than text message, but text message is better than nothing.


It should not escape anyone that currently, numerous wimminz are retroactively accusing men of harassment, rape, and lewd conduct, often years after the fact, with zero evidence, and that the male victims of these unprovable accusations are being socially and financially punished, regardless of the facts. If you are a man in North America, you need to take this seriously.

Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “Anticipating Calamity, Vol. 1”

  1. What you’re anticipating is the predictable result of fornication from women.

    First few days or so she’s on cloud 9 because emotions or whatever is validated because she got some random guy in her. Big deal she didn’t accomplish much in this sexual revolution, pill, have sex ‘like a man’ education these broads get.

    If he doesn’t call back suddenly or soon validate to get it in writing those emotions turn to scorn because she realizes (always after the fact of course…never when the tingles are flowing)…wait a minute I gave up something valuable to some cad…he must pay. There will be plenty of white knights ready to save the damsel from her own dumb decisions and get that cad. Her emotions are their god.

    I don’t know if fornication through serial monogamy is worse than a one night stand emotionally for a woman…but I would imagine it could be.

    This is stuff I figured out by not going through these headaches personally. I saw my friends get mowed down by these women. I don’t know how you do it Boxer…but I would think one day Tyrannical Commiefornia might get you somehow.

  2. And a little more to add….

    Since women don’t have actual sex education anymore…they don’t realize the emotions that naturally come by having sex outside of the realm God set it up.

    Little Susie’s fling in the woods with Harry was great at the time…but a year and a half later when he bolts she realizes she gave her body away and now it was rape. (and then mommy bloggers blame the ‘oppressive’ college)

    Women often don’t understand the difference between fornication and rape. They only understand they have bad feelings. Consent to sex doesn’t protect them from the emotional backlash.

  3. From a biblical Standpoint rape is 1/dated adultery. It’s when a man decide to have sex with another man’s wife without her or his permission.
    Women want to have their cake and eat it too. We want to be like Samantha Jones and be treated like the Virgin Mary.
    I’m sure none of you seen sex in the city You know because you are men so let me to tell you three of the women on that show are married and all of the Marriage are to men that they had one night stand with initially. That’s what girls are being taught taught that a one night Stand can turn into a happy marriage

  4. Sorry this won’t hold water. Mattress girls’ raunchy text messages at Yale to the dude who had his life ruined….the replies of “I had a great time” meant nothing……….the consenual acts meant nothing. She changed her mind and offered up the defense of she was pressured to write that because she didn’t know what to do.

  5. Yeah I figured the wimminz would find a way around it. And white knight judges who can’t wait for any opportunity to crush a man would buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    We know in real life…nobody put a gun to her head to text that.

  6. All these cover your behind tactics don’t really matter.

    The bigger issue is how much power the state has intertwined itself into marriage and male-female relations.

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