Bermuda Rescinds Marriage-in-Anus

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 09.37.28Bermuda is an autonomous territory of the U.K. in the North Atlantic. It’s located about 1000 km due east of South Carolina. Last year, the high court decreed that homos had the “constitutional right” to gay-marry each other. Bermuda’s Constitution is here. I can’t seem to find mention of anything of the sort.

Naturally, the vast majority of people who live in Bermuda are vexed by these magistrates who indulge in social-engineering from the bench. The island’s parliament forwarded a bill rescinding the marriage-in-anus decree, and it was passed by a huge margin.

The UK, which has no problem meddling in the affairs of its de-facto colonies, can use a variety of tactics to overturn this law from afar. Whether the queen will intervene remains to be seen.

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