Malice & The Moynihan Report

Stolen from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a qualified sociologist, who was serving as an assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor, in the Johnson administration. He released a report entitled “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” In it he described the deleterious effects that were already becoming apparent after the beginnings of the social welfare programs coined as “Great Society,” which were ostensibly sold to the public as a safety-net. In fact, what they were actually doing was discouraging fatherhood and destabilizing the American family, particularly in the African-American neighborhoods.

Moynihan’s report recommended a reversal of the social welfare policies, and the introduction of noncoercive incentives to lure fathers back into the family homes. He was arrogantly scoffed at by all right-thinking (i.e. feminist) individuals in government and media, and the administration doubled down on welfare payments and social engineering.

One of those policies was the mandate that every weekend, in many black neighborhoods, a sheriff’s deputy would drop by homes on the welfare rolls. These were called “welfare checks” and were explained as a way to make sure everyone in the home was getting their needs met. What the deputies actually did was to search for a father. Any household that had an adult black male inside would immediately lose their welfare checks and food subsidies. Sometimes, the man would be carted down to the jailhouse and charged with “abandonment.” This had an immediate and terrible effect, which exacerbated the homeless problem, even as it ripped children away from the one man in the world who could be counted on to look after them.

By this we can come to an unsurprising conclusion: The people in charge took Moynihan’s report seriously, and revealed their true intentions, which was not to “help” anyone, but to deracinate the black and working-class white children in America. Whether through malice or stupidity (and I vote for the former) they have ghettoified America on purpose.

Download Moynihan’s work in pdf here.

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3 thoughts on “Malice & The Moynihan Report”

  1. And the powers that be continue to cover this up by proclaiming things are the way they are because of ‘racism’ and ‘privilege’. It’s about the lack of a father in the family and the state being the head.

  2. We’re in the midst of a worldwide secular decline in hunger, poverty, crime, illiteracy, child mortality, and wars. By most statistical measures, the world is vastly superior than it ever has been in the past: except for our children and families.

    One in four families in the U.S. are single-parent families with at least one kid under 18. Of the remaining three-quarters, many are remarriages with kids living apart from a birth parent.

    More than half a million babies are aborted each year, leading to the inevitable population pyramid inversion and inevitable economic distress that will cause in a couple decades. It also shrinks family sizes, leading to the social alienation that you pointed out in a previous post.

    Feminism and the sexual revolution have done this.

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