For America to Live, Google Must Die


This site now has its own top-level domain name. and is still hosted on wordpress servers. There are a number of reasons that I have gone this route. Immediately, I was compelled by the increase in spammy ads that wordpress was employing against any non-account holders who came here to read the site. You should now be seeing this blog ad-free. You’re welcome. Of course, in doing this I was conceding to a sort of strong-arm tactic, but in the end it was only 50 dollars.

The conspiracy theorists will now conclude that wordpress has all my personal details: legal name, work and home addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. That’s true. My full legal name has been fairly well known around the sphere for years. Hell: The name of this blog denotes the (less than 1 km^2) area in which I lived, when I started it up.

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I was an early financial supporter of Bill Price (I know, kick me, but I felt sorry for him.) He knew much more about me than wordpress ever will, and even after he banned me from his blog and married a feminist, he didn’t sell me out. It’s an open secret that I have met many big manosphere names in person, and have participated on the back-end in some of their projects.

On the other end, my boss already knows I write here. The IT department outed me weeks ago, and we’ve had conversations about shit I’ve posted. She thinks some of my articles are outrageous, and some are funny, and when I asked her recently if she had a professional problem with it, she said something along the lines of “it’s called academic freedom, dumbass…” before buying me a coffee.

If anything, I’m more hesitant to think that the manosphere authors who have met me will connect the mild-mannered proofreader they know to the asshole who has been going by “Boxer.”

I had two other options: I could try to rig something up at home (too time-consuming) or migrate to Google’s blogger, which will farm out my readers’ asses to every spammer and con-artist in existence, for next to nothing.

I learned the hard way in this regard, when I started a gmail account to handle my manosphere-related communications. Just days after I opened my google account, I left some comment on an MGTOW blog, and almost immediately started getting solicitations to buy fleshlights, real dolls, and all manner of other incel-related paraphernalia. About a week later, I posted on heartiste, and suddenly was inundated with all manner of ads for illegal viagra and penis-enhancement devices. Am I an incel or a playa? Google doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. They’ll shotgun me with so much crap that something is bound to draw me in. Why should I put any of you guys through that?

In any case, I hope the reading experience here is a little less cluttered.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

6 thoughts on “For America to Live, Google Must Die”

  1. Much appreciated .. I guess I just tuned it all out (re: ads / spam).

    (Now I have to update your bookmark .. HEH.)

  2. WordPress is pretty clever about it. You didn’t see much of it because you were coming in on your own wordpress account. I view a lot of these sites from work, where I’m not logged in, and they’re starting to look like Geocities circa 1999, with flashing banners that scroll off the page, and different banks of crap ads in random places.

  3. Sorry to pry, but I lurked during the Spearhead days…

    What happened to Bill Price?


  4. Sorry to pry, but I lurked during the Spearhead days…

    What happened to Bill Price?

    I should write a whole post up about this, but AfOR has done a better job than I could do.

    Basically, Bill Price spent years soliciting donations, ostensibly so that he could afford to travel to Vancouver BC (where I lived at the time) and see his kids. It came out later that he wasn’t actually spending the donation money on legal fees or child-related costs. He was actually traveling to some post-Soviet country to run game on local wimminz. He married one of these locals and brought her back to Washington.

    Some of us who had supported him in the early days quit doing so, once he took this turn. He found reasons to ban us from his blog (which I have no problem with, mind you). Shortly thereafter, he got into a mainstream media interview and defended feminism. His new wife was quoted as saying she was a feminist. He subsequently erased his blog from the internet.

    I have mixed feelings about Price. I think it’s easy for a newly divorced man to be lured by tang, and I also respect the fact that he kept my real name, address and checking account number confidential. After he banned me, a goon named Rob Fedders harassed him endlessly for my details. So, he wasn’t entirely without honor.

    And, in the end, if we support patriarchy, we have to accept that some men will do things that seem (at least to us) to be incredibly foolish… like marrying an avowed feminist, for example.

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