Pastor Manning v. Homos

I got nothing for your Sunday morning. Fortunately, Pastor Manning is ready to fill in. Sit back, and watch the master (troll) deliver a down-home Christian sermon.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Pastor Manning v. Homos”

  1. “Where are the rest of you white faggots!!””….LOL

  2. 😆 lol

    NOW that’s getting your TROLL on .. (re: advertised for a month).

  3. The pastor engages a womminz wanting him to come from behind the fence .. and he tells her ..

    Your sign says love .. and you want to fight .. Your sign says love .. and you want to fight .. what’s wrong with you .. come over here ..

    Troll level .. Grand Master

  4. The whole video is worth watching, but that’s a definite highlight. He effortlessly illustrates the hypocrisy of this mob, all while making its members laughingstocks for the world.

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