Jordan Peterson Apologizes to MGTOW

I’ve seen my own clients, many of whom are very decent people, demolished by an anti-male court system…


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11 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson Apologizes to MGTOW”

  1. I recall that a while back.

    He still can’t figure out who MGTOW really are and are not.

  2. To those that understand .. no explaination is necessary.

    To those that don’t understand .. no explaination will suffice.

  3. I thought he had a pretty good idea of who they are from the video. A lot of their main points was about how risky and unrewarding marriage/cohabitation is for men because of the anti-male family/court system.

    I’m not sure this type of MGTOW existed in the times where no-fault was implemented (there was a claim this type of divorce was in the Babylonian empire, but it certainly was with the Soviets)…because we’d have to know if the justice system was heavily skewed towards the wife.

  4. I can understand “why” he did have some of his earlier conclusions. Go to any MGTOW page, v-blog or blog. Calling women four letter words, conversations only focusing on how they are only good-for-one-thing……..yeah………though I am sure he has seen an element of MGTOW who just views female nature for “what it is” and pretty much they do go their own way.

    I was on a “live stream” a year or so ago involving a few of the bigger names in the scene…….it turned into this: “I was banging this girl last night” or “After I smashed her hard, kicked her out” and “They just keep coming back for more” and of course…..every woman was a perfect “ten” in the looks department. The conversation just turned into *again* of how desriable they all are, how amazing they are in the sack and how “well endowed” they are.

    Really no info on bettering yourself, no info of how to deal with loneliness. Zero info about philosphical pursuits or how to balance a budget better……, the usual “I’m the hottest guy around / I’m still the big monkey” type of thing

  5. Earl my impression is he still thinks they’re bugger eaters living in mom & dad’s basement (re: bitter & resentful young men .. that are now older & in-flu-ence-ing the younger men wrongly).

    His Blue-Pill is showing & he can’t hide it. Though the Red-Pill is slapping him in the face .. 🎯

    He also regrets his comments because he has a viewership now to avoid offending .. which is more BP than RP.

    IMO I don’t think he needs to apologize for any of his remarks .. I don’t know him personally .. so I don’t take it personally when he speaks.

    I just find it funny he would post this .. because to me he’s a decent man .. he has his views and he is entitled to those views .. I listen or don’t based on the subject he’s presenting because I am not a fanboy .. to me it’s very BP to need to make this video.

    But again .. it’s his business .. no skin of my back-side.

  6. So it was a bunch of PUA’s .. not MGTOW .. or Life-Long Bachelor’s .. sigh

    This is the problem .. they (outside groups looking in) can’t dif-err-ent-she-ate between other men groups .. especially when they mis-identify their own group.


  7. The young-men I mentor at church are looking at tech schools now because of the advice I gave’em.

    Could you imagine how much sway I’d have if I told’em not to marry?

    They never ask about marriage .. but they can see the landscape clearly .. and what is going on.

    Recently I was the only one in the family that told my cousin’s daughter to forego college (for now) and marry / have a family with the young-man she wanted to move in with after high school. Good grief .. the only one. Sigh

    Oh well .. I help find solutions to problems. But first .. as a problem solver .. you don’t compromise your values to be liked in that process.

    I hope Mr. Peterson doesn’t do that very thing.

  8. Inside this sphere is a whole vocabulary that I’ve never encountered before. Most of it is, I think ironically, completely useless to a married man. So I’ll just keep bumbling around.

  9. They never ask about marriage .. but they can see the landscape clearly .. and what is going on.

    I wonder if there will come a day the talking heads ever figure out that there could possibly not be all that many marriagable women…now that would require them to take a break from their 24/7 man bashing.

    After all the ‘blame it on the lack of marriagable men’ mantra has been working well for them as the rebellious females have grown and the state gets even more anti-man in the marriage/family arena.

  10. Even in th 80’s Earl I had a problem finding a non-skank hoe just to date.

    Today .. it’s a sewer .. not an ocean with fish.

    I would not bang date marry talk to these fembots.

    They’re over weight .. un-natural hair color or piercings .. tattooed .. manly .. bad attitude .. un-wifely (not trained to be a helpmate) .. banged out hoes .. greedy narc-cist-cists with one of the three bpd’s .. etc. Age only makes’em worse.

    I can’t imagine why these young men say .. no to marriage.

    Of course the men who marry as quickly as possible to the best option available have no real re-assurance of success.

    It’s a mess Earl.

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