The Health of The Mother


There is little doubt that I am one of the most progressive people in the ‘sphere when it comes to the abortion topic. I have absolutely no problem with a woman choosing to abort her pregnancy, in the first trimester, in a number of different scenarios. For example:

  • In the case where carrying the child to term would kill her.
  • In the case where carrying the child to term would disable her.
  • In the case where carrying the child to term would make her sick for a year or more (e.g. Lupus).
  • In the case where the child will not survive outside the womb (e.g. Anencephaly).
  • In the case where the child will be born disabled (Down’s Syndrome).
  • In the case where conception was due to rape (i.e. violent forcible rape, not “I regret having sex after the fact”).
  • In the case where it is reasonably likely the mother will pass a communicable disease to the child in labor, which is incurable or hard to treat (AIDS).

Had you asked me about this topic, only a couple of years ago, I’d have strongly asserted the mother’s right to abort in any circumstance. After all, I naïvely assumed that such a terrible decision would never have been made without a grave reason, after a lot of introspection. How wrong I was! Over at Johnston Archive, the data has been laid out. Here are the reasons that American women actually get abortions:

Summary: This report reviews available statistics regarding reasons given for obtaining abortions in the United States, including surveys by the Alan Guttmacher Institute and data from seven state health/statistics agencies that report relevant statistics (Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Utah). The official data imply that AGI claims regarding “hard case” abortions are inflated by roughly a factor of three. Actual percentage of U.S. abortions in “hard cases” are estimated as follows: in cases of rape, 0.3%; in cases of incest, 0.03%; in cases of risk to maternal life, 0.1%; in cases of risk to maternal health, 0.8%; and in cases of fetal health issues, 0.5%. About 98.3% of abortions in the United States are elective, including socio-economic reasons or for birth control. This includes perhaps 30% for primarily economic reasons and possibly 0.1% each for sex selection and selective reduction of multifetal pregnancies.

In other words, abortions which are justifiable (at least by my standards) are well beneath 5% of the total, and that’s being generous. Over 95% of all abortions in the U.S. are sought by wimminz who had one too many appletinis, and subsequently conceived after unprotected sex with Chad in the nightclub’s public toilet.

Atheists and agnostics need to get their minds right. These are not people who deserve sympathy, and this is not a “women’s health” issue. These are the most irresponsible and reprehensible people imaginable, and they’re all around us, right now.


Author: Boxer

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24 thoughts on “The Health of The Mother”

  1. Excellent, Boxer. I’m glad you are starting to see the light on that situation. Abortion is back peddling birth control in most cases.

    And if you think the amount of single mothers butchering their kids outside the womb is astounding…just imagine how many women in the ~40 years or so thought that having their kids ripped apart in the womb was a good idea. I honestly think that could be the root in a lot of the pyschosis in women.

  2. Earl sez ..

    I honestly think that could be the root in a lot of the pyschosis in women.

    I think I orovided some documents / links to that very thing a while back.

    And .. of course I believe it to be true due the wimminz I’ve met & dealt woth over the years.

    Every wonder why (almost) all of the wimminz (e.g. teachers) are about 30 & upward when they lose it? Wonder how many of them have had an abortion .. errr procedure .. sigh.

  3. Boxer .. you’ve come around to the truth of the matter .. not just for just-eye-file-able reasons .. but the fact this procedure abortion issue is now considered a birth control alternative.

    And frankly I shouldn’t be paying for some skank hoe womminz’zez abortion. She can damn well pay for her own bad choices.

  4. ‘Every wonder why (almost) all of the wimminz (e.g. teachers) are about 30 & upward when they lose it? Wonder how many of them have had an abortion .. errr procedure .. sigh.’

    The honest answer…if she’s been sexually active in her teens-20s and on the pill…it’s almost a slam dunk.

    How many wimminz also know that artificial birth control can induce an abortion too? The fertilized egg can’t latch in the uterus so it gets rejected. I often think not just the ‘contracepted’ promiscuity can cause wimminz to go nuts.

    So for those virgins out there…you don’t have this on your conscience.

    ‘ Many years ago, as a teenager, I decided to go “on the Pill,” as they say. I remember clearly my physician’s explanation of how the birth control pill worked: first, it was supposed to prevent ovulation; second, in case ovulation did occur, the pill’s backup mechanism was designed to prevent the sperm from fertilizing the egg; finally, the backup to the backup was to render the uterine wall inhospitable to any accidental zygote that may have formed if the first two steps failed.’

  5. Oh yeah and if the backup to the backup didn’t work…you can go to your local Planned Parenthood where they’ll rip your kid apart and sell their organs on the black market. Congratulations on trying to have sex and forgetting there’s that procreation part involved.

  6. If her uterine walls are inhospitible to her own children…just imagine how inhospitible she is to everyone else.

    Also it’s not an accidental zygote…sperm meeting egg is the natural consequence of sex. The only failure is the dumb ass mother and father who forgot that’s a possibility.

  7. Well .. another skank hoe single wimminz .. 24 years old .. can’t be charged with rape because da wimminz changed the definition of rape a 13 year old boy .. had an abortion to save her *career* and is also ‘hoping for deferred adjudication’ of her plea deal of 30 years to avoid life in prison.

    And you guessed it .. the family of the 13 year old boy knew ..

    Court documents state the boy’s parents were allegedly aware of the relationship and accepting of it.

    And now he’s in foster care .. sigh.

  8. Good comments here ..

    Vera told police that she met the boy during summer school in 2015. She said she initially resisted the boy’s advances until sometime last fall, when she agreed to hang out with her student.

    Right sugar tits .. sure thing.

    Prosecutors say Vera groomed the child and his family, even moving the teen and his father into her home and pretending she was dating the father, the Houston Chronicle reported. She also bought groceries for the boy’s family and paid the phone bills.

    Hmmmm plot thickens.

    A mental-health professional who works with sex offenders testified on Vera’s behalf. Karen Lawson said Vera grew up around domestic violence. She described the former teacher as someone with a “big heart” and a need to be loved, the Houston Chronicle reported.

    “I think she was driven by being in love with him,” Lawson testified in court, according to the Houston Chronicle.

    Bwhaaaaaaa .. didn’t see that one coming .. (re: her background or the victim card).

    The investigation began after the school principal received a tip about Vera in early 2016. Vera told police she had gotten pregnant and had an abortion after Child Protective Services questioned her about the relationship in February, according to KTRK-TV, an ABC affiliate.

    Hmmmmm .. an Abortion you say .. & you loved the boy .. errrr father of the child?

    Vera probably will not spend her entire sentence in prison. She will be eligible for parole in five years, the Dallas Morning News reported.

    *sounds of me clearing my throat* .. Pussy Pass!

    All in all the father can’t & won’t be available for comments due to his status of 1) a child & 2) he’s the father.

    Mission Accomplished (cue the Bush on the carrier pics)!

  9. If there was a definition of a woman ‘predator’…those photos of her would be the pictures.

    Duck face -check
    lots of makeup – check
    getting that perfect cleavage shot – check

    And now you can add a boy diddler and a murderer of her child…because guess what…sex leads to procreation.

    But we can’t possibly put her in jail. Women have no moral agency and are just victims of 13 year old boy’s sex drives.

  10. Vera’s six-year-old daughter knew about the relationship, even calling the 13-year-old “dad,” Nichols said.

    Her daughter has ‘future single mother’ written all over her unless something changes. Sad, really.

  11. Sadly Earl .. I didn’t want to add that to my commentary because I was hoping someone else would spot it.

    YES .. the cycle goes on (and on) .. they don’t mention what happened to her daughter (iirc) .. they mention the boy went to foster care .. but no mention of her daughter.

    Even though Vera wasn’t supposed to have contact with minors .. did she get to keep her daughter?

    Arrrgh .. Why can’t ONE newspaper give me an accurate picture of a story .. they make it impossible to learn everything in one place .. which I believe is intentional.

  12. One more Earl .. High Angle Selfies .. selfies in general .. but the high angle selfie is an immediate red flag to me ..

    Oh .. they found child porn on her phone .. (re: the boy only & with her in the pic) .. so she’s got that going for her.

    If this had been a man .. oh wait we would have a different story altogether.

  13. Let us not forget .. Vera gets contacted by CPS .. and then goes and has an abortion.

    She’s trying to save her career .. or trying to cover / save her ass from being caught red handed errr one bun in the oven.

    She claimed she loved him .. right (e.g. murdered his off-spring) .. but she didn’t want to lose her job because of it. Now that’s love rat there.

    They .. th wimminz .. have the same view of un-born babies as they do of men .. just an accessory that th wimminz can get or discard on a whim.

    Here is what I hear from wimminz like Vera .. Womminz expressing her thoughts on the matter above .. (re:abortion / sexual assault / etc) .. Oh wait .. you disagree .. then Pussy Pass / Victim Card .. evidence be damned (via abortion) .. what evidence .. I love children .. see .. I have a daughter.

    We have hit the end of the road in America (USSofA) when human life has no value once they have taken your valuables.

  14. ‘If this had been a man .. oh wait we would have a different story altogether.’

    Of course we know what would happen. That arguement still doesn’t change anything when it comes to female predators. Most of these judges are either white knights (that poor attractive woman was just tricked by a 13 year old boys charms) or a feminist who is ok with female predators.

    Honestly…if I was a secular woman (thank God I’m not) and I saw what I could get away with in this justice system…why wouldn’t I try to fulfill all the tingles I have?

  15. My thought now is…it’s going to burn down. Pandora is out of the box and the genie is out of the bottle.

    The best I can do is trust God and hope one of these Jezebel predators doesn’t set her evil wiles on me.

    I don’t know how Boxer does it in Kommiefornia (although I did read his strategy) where they haven’t met a sexual assualt or rape law they don’t like…my advice to him though is if he keeps playing with fire, he’s going to get burned. Even the shrewest of cad can’t avoid it all.

  16. The sexual revoultion is what will take this country down. You can’t kill that many innocent babies without the wrath of God eventually coming down on this place.

    I think the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because there are still good decent God fearing people in this country praying on its behalf and trying to rid the place of abortion. However if we ever get to a situation where God can’t even find 10 people like that…look out.

  17. Yeah it’s the ‘divorced’ and ’43 years old’ parts that are more troubling. Disabilities are out of her control.

  18. LOL…straight out of the hamster’s mouth.

    ‘I spent two months letting a friend-of-a-friend chase me through texts and phone calls before I finally agreed to meet him in person, and from the first hug during our greeting, the tingle factor was off the charts. Too bad he turned out to be a class-A jerk later on, but at least the experience reminded of what I was looking for.’

  19. Glad you caught that gem .. I could die-sect that one portion for hours .. but being that I am Off-Topic .. I slow my roll.

  20. I’ve often thought about this and my conclusion is these women that want to have orgasm. If we make a pill they giving women and men the chemical mixture that they can. When they have an orgasm you can cut the und wanted pregnancies down. To nothing. I pretty much believe this I’m tired of the junior in high school.

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