On The Hypocrisy of the Christians and Jews

The inability of religious people to live up to their own teachings is a constant source of both mirth and pity; and, nowhere is this clown show more accessible than on Dalrock’s blog. Our latest example is a good religious patriarch named Evan Turner, who showed up to lambaste the social critics and white-knight for skank-ho single moms. Let’s read the Turner Diaries together, and see what he has to say…


Whenever some “new name” begins by identifying himself as a regular, you can be sure that it’s going to get fun quickly. That aside, let’s take a look at Mr. Turner’s argument in some detail.

In the first place, he conflates the bride price, which was paid to a woman’s parents, with child support, which is paid directly to skank-ho princess herself. It seems the misogynists among the ancient Hebrews weren’t as keen on funding female misbehavior as we are, today. Never mind that, though. Mr. Turner doesn’t want to go there.

Mr. Turner then segues into an argument that has lately been used by the same so-called “red pill women” that talk shit on the Two Birds One Stone Blog* on their off hours. Specifically, that child support payments aren’t enough to support skank-ho princess in her aspirations (which generally include bikers, drunkenness, illegal drugs, and thugs). Brother Evan doubles down on this theme repeatedly, to wit:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 13.34.45

Since Mr. Turner is claiming to be a religious man, and since the rules for religious Protestants, Catholics and Jews are all pretty much the same, we should probably consult the text to see what the Jewish/Christian God said about meddling with single moms.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 13.38.42

From Exodus 22: Thou shalt not afflict any widow, or fatherless child.

The single moms in question are not widows, but they do have fatherless children. Child support is a significant incentive to spread fatherlessness throughout society, normalize bastardy, and reward the perpetrators of this horror with free money.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 13.42.52

From Deuteronomy 27: Cursed be he who perverts justice for the stranger, or the fatherless.

Do Christians and Jews like Turner prevent fatherless children from their rightful inheritance? Yes, they do. By supporting the child-support model they deprecate fatherhood. By white-knighting for single-moms, they give moral support to an evil system, which inhibits the ability of that skank-ho’s children to know their natural fathers.

While I have no information, it would not surprise me to learn that Mr. Turner slums around on dating sites with single moms, takes them out to the nightclub, and then uses these bottom-of-the-barrel women for sex. In doing so he both afflicts fatherless children, and he prevents those same children from ever acquiring their birthright. This is a very serious form of misbehavior to his own religious leaders, and he is soundly condemned for his actions in his own holy books.

So what would Mr. Turner do, if he were actually a serious Christian man? I believe that we can find a sensible answer in the epistle of James to the Jewish Christians of the diaspora. In the text we read:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 13.54.52

So, the solution is straightforward. If you are religious, and you take these texts seriously, your job is not to exploit the broken family for the purposes of virtue signaling or your own sexual gratification. Decent religious men take up for the children, and they do so by condemning the skanks, and affirming the notion of fatherhood.

Edit: Dalrock has published a response to Turner’s lunacy himself. Read it.

*That’s right, bitch. I know who you are.

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7 thoughts on “On The Hypocrisy of the Christians and Jews”

  1. Having grown up in the church and gone through the well-known motions, I could speculate about this guy’s motives. However, I’d rather go into something I do know a lot about based on that experience.

    After women go through their party years and realize their looks are fading, they typically go through the whole “rebirth” routine by going back to church and trying to “get right with God.” Not all of them come with baggage as obvious as a kid in tow, but they’ve definitely buried bones.

    There is very subtle, but strong pressure in some churches for the young men in their late twenties to marry these girls in a “captain save a ho” sort of way that they thinly cover with biblical rhetoric. Those who refuse are seen as judgmental and unloving.

    Mark Driscoll’s infamous comment equating Mary to a single mother was, I would guess, in part a response to his church demographics and the increasing number of single moms looking for a hubby.

    Rollo Tomassi wrote a very good post calling “Betas in waiting,” and it fits perfectly with how many Christians raise their sons today, almost with the understanding that their son will have to wait until his future wife is done rutting around and decides to settle down.

    So how does this fit with the morality of child support? Cutting off child support either forces the new husband to pay for kids that aren’t his, or it’s seen as an attack on the status single mommies, who in many ways are harder to criticize than actual biblical heroes.

  2. ‘By supporting the child-support model they deprecate fatherhood.’

    They think extracting money to cover up the fact a woman brought an illegitimate child into the world replaces what a father means to a child.

  3. “it would not surprise me to learn that Mr. Turner slums around on dating sites with single moms”

    I got the opposite impression of Turner. He talks like a sex-starved AFC who is bitter at the idea that other men are getting sex without having to mortgage their entire life like he did.

  4. That’s how I read it as well .. but I try not to speak idiot for to long.

    It’s not good for you brain.

    His response was fab’you’less.

  5. ‘He talks like a sex-starved AFC who is bitter at the idea that other men are getting sex without having to mortgage their entire life like he did.’

    He can be bitter at the men all he wants…but does he ever ask himself the question….

    ‘Why are women having sex with men who don’t mortgage their entire life?’ “Why are they choosing the irresponsible men to do such an act which since the beginning of time brings children into the world? That’s a highly irresponsible thing for a woman to do.’

    Perhaps (and this takes some imagination) he could see himself as someone of more value than the run of the mill cad…and have higher standards for the women he chooses. Rather than choosing the first floozy who decides she’s ready for her BB after the AF.

  6. Great post. Why do you gentlemen supposed Mr. Turner is a man. Wouldn’t it be more likely it’s some board single mom trying to pose her arguments in a way that would be reductive in other words as I have been called so many times he’s a troll

  7. I’ve heard many Patters say it’s actually better to keep women single in order to include the tides. The problem is the single women have to not have children. With mean they either become whiny virgin like me or if they have no self-control can single moms

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