4 thoughts on “Wimminz and Free Speech”

  1. Everytime I get the question ..

    (Question)”Should the government ..” (Me) NO.

    It’s funny the Rights we have, in America via the Constitution & Bill of Rights, are given by God and constrain the government. The government (schools) has taught the youngster’s that rights flow from the government to constrain the people.

    Hence the question above.

    I weep for our future. (Fig’your’tive’lee)

  2. ‘Wimminz want to abolish the first amendment.’

    Let’s build a nation on feelz….it’ll be a tyrannical dictatorship in a very short time.

  3. How can Colleges, Universities, and all higher education facilities which pride themselves on being the bastions of knowledge and learning turn out such RETARDS?

    Seriously, college kids these days would have to be the dumbest people on the planet, unfortunately they are the fruit of the most vile, wicked systematic brainwashing that I’ve ever seen…..God help us all

    By attacking free speech, the powerful Elites are insuring that their wicked globalist agenda will go forth unhindered…….1984 is fully upon us now


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