Filthy Lying Sluts


Stats and anecdotes suggest that married wimminz are cheating on their men in ever-increasing numbers. Over on Dalrock, our brother Deti lays down his ideas as to why the increase might be so. He then goes on to speculate as to why wimminz are not more open about their participation in the trend.

Deti opines:

I still have to believe that most women cheat on the downlow because they don’t want to get caught, and that most men would end the marriages as a consequence of her cheating. I still hope that most men are going to draw that line in the sand. I still hope that open polyandry is a Rubicon we can’t cross.

With respect to Deti, this is absolutely wrong. Wimminz do not care what men think or do. This includes married wimminz who are cheating on their husbands.

Married wimminz hide their downlow sex, not because they give a shit about their men, but because of how they are perceived by other wimminz. The opinion of the fem-hive is the only real concern of any wimminz. Wimminz are hard wired this way, and so it shall always be.

I always arrange to meet any wimminz before the possibility of sex, so that I can make an educated guess as to her status. If she is married, I bail. If she is crazy, disrespectful or otherwise unhinged, I ghost. During this initial meet, I may buy her a coffee or a meal (probably not), but that was never promised beforehand, and if it happens, it’s only to keep the clock running so that I can make an accurate assessment.

The woman who meets me knows her purpose. She is a filthy, lying slut, and her purpose is to be used as such. Specifically, it is to allow me to penetrate any/all of her holes, at my discretion, and for as long as such things amuse me.

When I meet a woman, I promise her one thing, and one thing only.

The only promise that I make (and which I always keep) is absolute secrecy and deniability. This is not to protect any other men in her life, because if she cared about the other men she was fucking/exploiting, she wouldn’t have met me in the first place. She cares about the other wimminz (and possibly a couple of male homosexuals and trannies of indeterminate sex) in her immediate social environment.

I know she is a filthy, lying slut, and she knows that I know it. I make the solemn promise that I will not let her bitch friends know that I know she is a filthy, lying slut. That is the only promise I make, and I don’t make any promise that I’m not absolutely committed to keeping, until death.

Given that wimminz don’t care about anyone except other wimminz, my promise is the necessary and sufficient condition to seal the deal.

Deti continues:

But, then again, we also thought SCOTUS wouldn’t go from

“Homosexual conduct is not protected by the constitution (Bowers v. Hardwick, 1986)


“Homosexual conduct is protected by the constitution (Lawrence v. Texas, 2003)

in 17 years.

And in a few more years we’ll likely go from

married in the anus as constitutional right


Boxer jailed for accurately describing wimminz as filthy lying sluts on his blog.

Already married men are prohibited from having sex with their own wives unless there is “enthusiastic consent” which, as we’re all aware, can be revoked retroactively, as soon as skank-ho princess decides her husband needs a prison sentence for rape.

Clown world can’t get much more ridiculous.

Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “Filthy Lying Sluts”

  1. I thought the study focused on Me’Lean’e’you’lls .. but your secret sauce is spot on.

    Th Wimminz care about their rep’you’ta’shun’s with other wimminz. They can destroy a man with her words / act’you’say’shuns at anytime so they don’t care about the men. Especially married men (aka their husbands) .. cuz they got daddy big bucks government holding a loaded gun to his head. She only need to discharge it anytime she likes even if she is at fault (rape, murder, drugs, cheating .. etc).

    And th wimmimz know they can have another you in the drop of a hat (e.g. tinder .. etc). No-muss-no-fuss.

    They also like showing off their arm candy when other wimminz are around. It’s a big fat Look-at-ME .. just like the fact they dress-up at work .. not for men .. but other wimminz.*

    Reminds me of an old joke. Do you know how you can tell there is a sailboat race? There is more than one sailboat on the water.

    *As a side note ..
    They do hate you poking their friends .. I’m mean how good a friends are they if she would do that to her own friend. The fact is they aren’t friends. But she told her “friend” how good (or bad) you were / are .. so the delight of poaching a man from a woman is pure shiv in th heart material.

  2. Allen’s comment:

    ‘Let me go ahead and translate this from women to English.
    “1. There is something truly scary to me about a nice guy.” Translation: I’m irresponsible
    “2. I am terrified that a nice guy will want to settle down right away.” Translation: I’m a whore
    “3. Nice guys are so hard to walk away from.” Translation: I’m a hypergamous
    “4. Mystery still infatuates me.” Translation: I like bad boys’

    Nailed it.

    Nice guys don’t really finish last…because at the very least they are responsible productive members of society, whores finish last. It’s the old fried ice thinking again…they want a nice guy with edge. They want the asshole Prince Charming of their dreams. But in the end they choose the cad and lament about where have all the good men gone.

  3. ‘The opinion of the fem-hive is the only real concern of any wimminz. ‘

    Instead of one woman’s rationalization hamster…it becomes a group of rationalization worker bees.

  4. Boxer:

    You misunderstood me. When I said this:

    I still have to believe that most women cheat on the downlow because they don’t want to get caught

    I meant more or less the same things you wrote in your post. I didn’t expound on them as you did.

    Women don’t want to get caught cheating because they don’t want to lose the benefits that come from being married, namely provision, protection, help around the house, a man around the house, help with the kids, father for the kids, an intact family, avoiding the trauma of splitting up an established family with the house and cars and money and everything else, avoiding the shame and judgment of peer women in a public divorce, and just the status of being married. It is not because they care about who will get hurt if they get caught. And it is not because they care about hurting their husbands if they get caught. They care about staying married for the benefits that come from being married.

    I’m sure there are some exceptions. There are exceptions to every rule. But for the most part, the reason women want to cheat and stay married is to retain marriage benefits and avoid hurting themselves, not to avoid hurting their husbands.

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