Hateful Bulldykes

What do I mean by “bulldyke”? It’s not entirely expressed by lesbianism, but the two sets have a huge intersect space.

Over at Artisanal Toad’s haus, our brother Bob posted this gem, with a caption:

When asked, “What reproductive Rights do Men have?”, she immediately start listing Men’s Patriarchal Responsibilities…Then immediately segues into Women having the ‘Right’ to murder the Man’s child at will ( de Jure before birth, de Facto after ), and being willing to kill themselves if not permitted that ‘Right’.

Katherine Spillar is an editor at Mizz Magazine. She’s a graduate of Texas Christian University, and the graduate school of Trinity University. Despite her impressive credentials, she seems to just make shit up on the fly. Did you know that contraceptives are illegal in Brazil? Neither did anyone else, including Brazilians.

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Mizz Spillar makes up nonsense, and lies for a point in her argument. lol

Numerous biographies on the web are scrubbed of any mention of husband or children, so I assume she has none.

Many feminists (and most of the spokespeople) are lesbians. Just looking at Mizz Spillar’s butch hairdo made me suspect as much. She has bothered to maintain plausible deniability by removing any mention of family from the biographical sketches which accompany her work, but the tactics described by Bob, verified by the video, settled the matter.

Whenever I see a hateful fanatic with a one-track mind, who consistently employs topic-shift to spew up acid at men, all exorcist style, I suspect a bulldyker. Bulldykers, almost always given to some sort of lesbian sexual expression, are constantly trying to undermine our society. Jack Donovan’s work, Milo’s showmanship, and reading Camille Paglia clued me in to this, and this is what originally brought me to the conclusion that homosexuals are often driven to antisocial behavior by psychotic and irrational emotion. (It’s more than a little ironic that three homosexuals were the only people with the courage to tell the truth about the strategy employed by their fellows.)

Like all bulldykers, Mizz Spillar does her best to seem “fair” and “neutral,” but like the typical bulldyker, she can’t successfully hide her lunatic hatred of men, fathers and families.

As Paglia would remind us (in nicer and more scholarly tones), being a bulldyker isn’t merely about being a woman who has sex with other women. Paglia is a lesbian, but she’s not a bulldyker. Being a bulldyker is about spreading hatred of men, and normalizing discrimination against men. Not surprisingly, the bulldyker will vanish completely in the face of any of the actual social problems she pretends to rail against. When there’s work to be done, there won’t be a single bulldyker found in the labor pool. They’re just interested in stirring up strife, sowing confusion, and spreading their misery around to others.

A man needs to carefully remove himself from the company of bulldykers, as he would remove himself from a potential encounter with a dangerous wild animal, backing away cautiously, not making eye contact, and running like hell once a safe distance is established. Fortunately, they can often be spotted in a very short time. Do not socialize with them. Do not hire them to work for your businesses. Do what you can to rid them from your surroundings.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Hateful Bulldykes”

  1. She is a scorn-unit.

    That is all she has.

    She doesn’t make points, she acts like all her points are so obvious. they are understood, and all counterpoints are ridiculous, so she sneers at them.

    She is a dinosaur. This worked in the seventies, and won’t work anymore.

    Her days are numbered.

  2. ‘Many feminists (and most of the spokespeople) are lesbians.’

    Another reason why I would wonder why wimminz would do such things like chop off their hair, color it in some color that doesn’t exist in humans, get fat, get tattoos…it’s probably an outward expression of an inward hatred of men. The bulldykes often partner up with similiar bulldykes….birds of a feather and all. And I do find it laughable that their domestic violence stats are often higher than hetero couples. They don’t even like each other.

    But to get back to my original point….why would they look like circus freaks? That wouldn’t attract a healthy man. I like women to look like women…long hair, no tats, a pleasant personality, healthy weight, wants kids, etc. They don’t want a man so they do everything in their power to repel them.

  3. Earl sez ..

    But to get back to my original point….why would they look like circus freaks? That wouldn’t attract a healthy man. I like women to look like women…long hair, no tats, a pleasant personality, healthy weight, wants kids, etc. They don’t want a man so they do everything in their power to repel them.

    Brother .. I gotta say yes to your idea of the “old idea of a tradiational woman .. but no to the rest.

    It’s econ 101 .. if all wimminz are freaks then that is what you get to chose from .. they are herd creatures.

    A man’s preference is moot in the matter.

    Or he just hunts in a smaller pool of wimminz. If he has the bhying oower in his SMV/MMV. Everyone else is in the freaky (e.g. wimminz kiddie) pool.

    The question as to why .. it’s a good question .. my answer is it’s a powerful FU to men (it is th wimminz job to make everyone mis-re-bull) .. and our culture .. or more simply .. just a disobedent child acting out / in rebellion to God.

  4. So the question was about whether or not men have reproductive rights, and here was this woman’s answer:
    • Men have the “right” to be responsible for things and open their wallets
    • Men saying they lack any reproductive rights is a backlash to women having reproductive rights – zero sum game
    • access to free* abortions and birth control makes you a full-fledged human being
    • Women in Brazil are caged breeder animals
    • Not giving women free* birth control = prohibition of birth control
    • Not giving women free* abortions makes those women martyrs
    • Free* birth control = economic empowerment
    • Not giving women free* birth control is a way to enslave them

    Next question is about whether a man has the right to be a father or not if he can’t have any influence over the abortion decision, and here was the answer:
    • He shoulda thought of that beforehand (not her – she’s responsible for nothing)
    • Contraceptives might fail – tough shit
    • After they screw, she’s in the driver’s seat – true
    • He can walk away – not true
    • Once she is pregnant, she has the right to act as judge, jury and executioner for the baby
    • On the other hand, he can’t walk away…but wait, yes he can, and frequently does (she wants it both ways so she can continue bitching about it – the wheel that squeaks no matter how much grease)

    *Of course, I put “free” in front of abortions and birth control, even though she never used that word, because that’s precisely what the fight is about today. Men are not trying to take away their access to birth control, they’re trying to keep from having to pay for it through their taxes.

    Obviously there are some practical considerations going on, in the sense that the reproductive roles are different between males and females. I don’t believe in abortion because there is a 3rd party affected by that decision (the baby, which is the only one in that situation that I have any sympathy for) and it’s not like a guy should be able to force a woman to abort…but having said that, do you think this bullcunt would shed a tear for men who get sperm-jacked or accidentally impregnate a woman after having sex under false pretenses?

    All and all, a guy gets no sympathy if he did no due diligence whatsoever when it comes to his come (pun intended) and where it goes after it leaves his dick, but even if he does his due diligence, he’ll get no sympathy, understanding or even a fair hearing if anything goes “wrong” (from his perspective – maybe just right by hers). Only by some miracle will he be able to prove that she was up to some mischief if she gets pregnant, so you can assume that you’re pretty much screwed if that happens – hard way to find out her agenda. Older women are a particular risk for this – something to remember before you partake with any opportunities with cougars who “can’t get pregnant”. It’s the same now as it has always been: the only safe sex is no sex. The next best thing is a vasectomy.

    Sometimes I wonder… The male birth control pill is awfully slow coming (no pun intended that time)…do you think that’s by design?

  5. ‘Sometimes I wonder… The male birth control pill is awfully slow coming (no pun intended that time)…do you think that’s by design?’

    I don’t think so…it was tried before but gave up because the men didn’t like how it made them feel and supposedly it shrunk their testicles.

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