The Bannon Smokescreen

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Whenever our God Emperor President, Donald Trump, is surrounded by controversy in the mainstream press, I always like to scan the back pages. I was suspicious about all the smoke surrounding the most recent fire-in-the-dumpster. By that I mean that I suspected that Steve Bannon and Donald Trump may have been in cahoots, generating a bunch of meaningless buzz with looney insults, in order to cover up something more interesting. This has happened in the past, and it appears it’s happening now.

From Carlos Slim’s Blog:

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’round about the time of the Ferguson riots, the President Butt Nekkid Obama administration hatched a plan to evacuate all the undesirables from the newly gentrified inner-cities, using your tax dollars to finance this beautification project. I guess you guys in the hinterlands will have to wait a few extra years to meet your new neighbor: Shaniqua, who was set to move in down the street with twelve of her kids and two of her babydaddies. Her eldest, born when she was fifteen, is already at the state penitentiary. Young Tarqueefious, one of the otherwise unidentifiable middle kids, is following his footsteps, and has just been released from juvenile detention for purse snatching.

By delaying and postponing, Trump accomplishes two things. He further puts the screws to the white trash rich people, who hate him regardless of what he does. Had he reversed or repealed, instead of delayed and postponed, there would have been an avalanche of frivolous court actions, filed by these same scumbags. He also gets leverage in the next election (y’all had better vote Trump, or your neighborhoods are going to become a lot less safe!).

The next time there’s a lot of high-profile insults, flying to and fro, remember what ya boy Boxer told you, and scan the back pages, to see what’s really going on!

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11 thoughts on “The Bannon Smokescreen”

  1. They usually hide stuff on a friday .. especially if it’s a 3 day weekend / holiday.

    If it doesn’t get traction right away .. they figure it will die fast.

    Or they just make buddies with the MSM and stash it in the small print.


    Good catch .. I didn’t see that piece at all.


    As an example of other MSM bias .. when the protected class (wimminz & minorities .. etc) are involved .. the headline is altered to offiscate the really story ..

    This should’ve read “Teen Girls” .. not “Teenagers”.

    Same with migrants / or other vibrant (aka islam / muslim) pro-voc-uh-tours.

  2. ‘The next time there’s a lot of high-profile insults, flying to and fro, remember what ya boy Boxer told you, and scan the back pages, to see what’s really going on!’

    I’ve had an inkling of this phenomenon since Clinton. Trump plays this very well.

    What does your average rube remember about Trump…’HE SAID MEAN STUFF ON TWITTER AND THAT TRIGGERS MY FEELZ.’

    I voted for him because I knew he’s shrewd at getting things done. He’s not perfect…but he’s better than a lot of people.

  3. There’s nothing more that says strong and independent than “I’m an angry victim!’

    Angry wimminz should learn…you can blame that rage on men all you want…but that isn’t the source of your anger and it’s not going to absolve you of it.

    I recently listened to a talk by Venerable Fulton Sheen who along with his great knowledge of theology was also keen on pyschology. His question at the time (70s or so) was (paraphrase)’what pyschosis will come out of women who aborted their children and it is weighing on their conscience?’.

  4. You ain’t gotta apologize. And if you ever do get put into the spam folder, make sure to send a message and I’ll dig out your comments. I know there have been some false poz results lately.

  5. It’s something to keep in mind if you keep questioning…’why are the wimminz doing that?’

    Certainly has to do with feelz…but perhaps the feelz have a logical reasoning to them. Murdering your own child can’t be good on your psyche.

  6. I have been following the AFFH since Powerline and Stanley Kurtz at NRO brought it up. It’s a rule to fear, and it won’t move anyone to vote in 2020. Not killing it means it will live. Better to kill it, let the loons wail, and explain why it is so destructive and anti-American. It stands on the idea of disparate impact, which is something that needs to be beaten to a bloody and public death.

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