The Scuzzification of Royalty

About a month ago, Washington Post gleefully reported that: “The royal family welcomes a divorced, biracial American. That’s a huge change.” (Read the original article here)


What our masters in the media want you to associate here is the race angle with the fact that Mizz Markle is a skank ho divorcée. We must stand and cheer for this “biracial” American. (Her dad was a white dude, who knocked up her blackchick mom, but more on that later). This is a sinister bit of subterfuge, which keeps people from complaining, or even investigating further, for fear of being called “racist.”

Here at Chez Boxer, we know that all white people are racist by default, so we’re neither worried about the judgments of the shitlibs, nor about the virtue signaling of the establishment CONservatives. Moving on, we read that Mizz Markle is already being fêted as a feminist hero.

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In an US Weekly exclusive, Karla Rodriguez reports that Mizz Markle is planning to have her mother walk her down the aisle in her latest wedding. (Read the original article here.)


Pro-tip: When you see a black chick sporting both the bulldyking cornrows, and the resting-bitch face, there’s a 100% chance she’s a feminist cunt.

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Correction: This day is ultimately about her and what she wants to do.

Vanity Fair corroborated the US Weekly story, shortly after it broke, with a glowing article entitled “How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Wedding Promises to Break Tradition.” (Read the article here.)

Boosting her feminist street cred is important to Mizz Markle, who, a year ago, boasted about her greatest childhood accomplishment: bullyciding a big corporation (Proctor and Gamble) into removing a marketing campaign with relentless cries of “sexism.”

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As we all know, it’s perfectly normal for 11-year old girls to mount political and press campaigns. I’m sure she thought of that one, all on her own. (One can read more about this nonsense here.)

We read in the Washington Post article (linked above) that Mizz Markle has had recurrent difficulties getting along with her paternal family, including her elder sisters (by daddy’s first wife) and her grandparents. This is utterly unsurprising. Her dad had jungle fever. Those of us who like to date black chicks know the score. Your parents might tolerate a bit of dabbling in the darker hues, but they don’t want you marrying them, and they certainly don’t want you siring children with them. I’m guessing they uninvited their son from their home and lives when they heard the news.

We read further that daddy was already a divorcé and a father, with two older children of his own, when he met Mizz Markle’s mother. Mizz Markle’s mom and dad themselves divorced, when she was six or seven years old — the details on this are unsurprisingly murky. I’m guessing that dates are fuzzy because ma and pa may have met before dad’s first divorce was final, and perhaps they lived together, off and on, after the filing. (Read more about these two characters at Good Housekeeping here.)

In short, what do we have? A skank-ho feminist divorcée, who was raised by a skank-ho feminist divorcée, and a male-feminist pseudo-playa, in degenerate Hollywood. The notion of family, in the traditional sense, is completely alien to this woman. She’s been raised by a couple of hippies who “did what they wanted” without regard to norms or values. She is now all grown up in this toxic milieu, and set to ascend the throne and assume the title of “princess.”

Over on Dalrock, our brother Anon shares his theory about why this is all happening:

I think the royals did a DNA test and found that he is not the son of Charles, but can’t admit that publicly. That is why a) Princess Katherine has been instructed to rapidly pop out at least 3 kids asap, so as to eliminate any chance of Harry being King, and b) they don’t really care that he is marrying someone entirely unsuitable to be the wife of anyone first, second, third, or even fourth in line. He isn’t of royal blood anyway.

I’ve often harbored similar suspicions, as have many others. Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, was herself a feminist icon, appearing in public semi-nude, and adopting a number of “activist” poses for the camera.

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Diana herself married when she was a virginal teenager, but she proved to be the very epitome of the nu-marriage aesthetic, as she took lovers (both domestic and foreign) before and after her messy, public divorce from Prince Charles.

So, why is this happening? It’s a fair question, and I believe the answer partly has to do with the changing demographic face of the world, and of the UK in particular. It is no longer shameful to be a divorcée, and this marriage, like many others, is more-or-less a stage-op, for public consumption. The royal family is celebrated as “changing with the times,” though there is very little change to be seen. Like his mother, Prince Harry is already a fuckup of monstrous proportions.


As the UK has been scuzzified, the common British subject has grown ever closer to the behavioral norms of their royalty, and simultaneously, the royal family has dropped its mask of moral preening ever further to appeal to the populace. It’s an infinite feedback loop of degeneracy.

There will be a high-profile wedding, probably televised internationally, and the scumbags will all continue having their private passionate follies, as they’ve always done. This marriage will last even less long than mummy and daddy’s, and Mizz Markle will get a big divorce payout as Diana did. Like his (possible) father, this marriage will be Harry’s first, but not his last. Diana’s life should come as a cautionary tale for Mizz Markle.

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As for our starstruck feminist heroine, she’s oblivious, and really has no idea who she’s fucking (with) here.

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6 thoughts on “The Scuzzification of Royalty”

  1. The biracial part is of no concern to me. I do think the media often tries to use that angle to cover up the more obvious red flags. Pointing out red flags is worse to do to a biracial because that makes you a ‘raycist’!

    It’s the feminist ethos…the history of divorce both young and her own…and she was an actress (probably meant some sort of Weinstein tryout before she was deemed cinema worthy). The fact she’s 3 years older is not a good sign either…she will basically wear the pants in the marriage and Harry will either be the simp or the DL cad.

  2. The SMP has reached bankruptcy to the pall, if the Prince of England can do no better, but I suspect he is too blue pilled and sees no harm…

  3. His SMV is only based on his title and his family lifestyle. We have no clue what knowledge he has about women, female nature, or social skills.

  4. Dear Fellas:

    The biracial part is of no concern to me. I do think the media often tries to use that angle to cover up the more obvious red flags. Pointing out red flags is worse to do to a biracial because that makes you a ‘raycist’!

    The importance of the countersignal can’t be emphasized enough. The whole “intersectional” nonsense makes skank-ho princess beyond reproach, simply because her dad banged a black chick for a few years before dumping her and moving on.

    Not that Harry’s family is intrinsically better. In fact, of the two, I’m more inclined to respect the Markle Hippies. Diana and Charles knew better, and we’re not sure they’re his parents, strictly speaking, anyhow.

    The fact she’s 3 years older is not a good sign either…she will basically wear the pants in the marriage and Harry will either be the simp or the DL cad.

    I see it as a total sham marriage, strictly a PR stunt, to benefit the establishment. If they aren’t already fucking the people they really like, they will be shortly after the wedding.


  5. Sir trouble I can American as an American I have a limited understanding of the actual power of the crown. Isn’t the Windsor family really just a glorified pageantry that allowed the British subjects cabin near polish. They don’t do anythingOther than rent lan edges of generally low weight.
    Why don’t you get ahead of the Henry and Megan Dory by posting something about an article that will probably come out to 18 month from now stating Megan believe that he doesn’t need a prints that she is her own queen and will encourage him girl to be the same. Moreover how was he getting away with this: his great uncle David was dethroned were trying to marry a divorce American. Because he’s never going to become king doesn’t matter.

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