Holiday Redux

I found this comment over at Spawny’s Space.

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Emily McCombs is a bigwig over at HuffPost, so it should come as no surprise (not to anyone in postal code V5K 2C2, anyway) that she’s a flaming nutter.

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With the exception of Fathers For Justice, there isn’t really any meaningful organized resistance to feminists. If you’re in the UK, and you aren’t supporting these men (at least in an anonymous financial / moral sense) then you aren’t doing your job. They’re out nearly every day, mocking your oppressors. Show them some love.

Their analysis is sound here, as expected. Kooky Emily’s outburst violates the Twitter rules de facto. The second set of books will keep her spewing hate. One will note the shadow-suspension of @herbiemarcuse on twitter – when ya boy Boxer never said anything as remotely actionable as this headcase.

Speaking of headcases, there are few things that make me as thankful to have been born a Mormon, rather than a Christian, than photos like these…


The epidemic of bull-dykes, larping as Mormon bishops and stake presidents, is something that I can see appearing on the horizon, but only after the Catholics are fully assimilated. Who is this bespectacled bitch, anyway, with her gay Star-Wars toy, preaching the gospel of Luke and Leia from the pulpit?

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Redux”

  1. Saw the HufPo Editor piece making the rounds the other day .. and thought of Emily Lindin’s twit’tier comments (re: her unpopular opinion).

    They say these things on youztubez all the time and they get lots of female support. And they don’t get de’mon’eye’tazed or banned.

    So .. I don’t see how any Mens Rights (e.g. justice for men and boys comes to mind) groups will get ahead when they are labeled the hate group (i.e. the men not the fem’bots).

    Speaking of J4MB’s .. I have used disqus for years and when I post at J4MB’s .. I get put in moderation everytime. All of my recent critical posts have been marked as removed or spam. They really don’t like a critical opinion .. just like th wimminz ™. When I post something they think is not critical of the mens rights groups .. they let it thru moderation.

    I see these organizations as the same as any other big group. Shakedown artists. They don’t get donations without a cause. If they successfully make a difference then they are no longer needed (i.e. no more cause to fight for). Hence why these harp’pees keep saying that th wimminz ™ have so far to go to reach their desired destination of “equality”.

    No conflict = No money .. so .. let the conflict never end. Both groups are fleecing their pay’trons.

    If we want to end this crap. Let the harp’pees never have a man to marry or date. Th wimminz ™ would surrender tomorrow. But .. men will never act as a group to do that (e.g. some man is always waiting to wife her up) .. so just like the mens rights group will never get enough men to join them to be effective.

    I’ll frankly just keep my charitable contributions to the DAV and my Church.

    BTW .. nothing meaningful will happen to these females and their message of hate .. or the plight of men in these 1st world western countries until men just abandon all wimminz.

  2. Another timely and good article Boxer

    If I see any bull dyke feminist, so called “Christian” woman in the pulpit preaching or teaching, it is immediately consigned to my blacklist of places to avoid like the plague.
    As a whole the “Christian” community have utterly disgraced themselves by allowing crap like this to continue

    And as for that nut case bitch spewing her hate….no way on earth could a man get away with that nonsense

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