It’s 2018 Everywhere

Happy New Year!

It’s a drinking holiday in Canada, the land where hoez are least tactful and most disgraceful. Canadian women are worse than American bitches. That’s a fact. I often tell this truth to you Americano brothers, and you never seem to believe me, despite evidence that is merely a click away. Since you guys needed a reminder, I have two or three.


Are you sure you wouldn’t like to move to Canuckistan, and help Mallory raise her bastard kid? She’s a binge drinker. That’s, like, super attractive.


She’s 35, and “doesn’t have kids but wants them…” I think that ship has probably already sailed away, dear… just like the chump you’re in search of.

“Wait, Boxer,” I hear you protest. “I could go to Canada and find a chaste, nice, first-gen immigrant.”

That’s true. Maybe a sweet Canadian-Muslim chickie, who loves God, and has inherited good religious values from her traditional parents.


Here’s Ayesha. She says she has a husband, but she’s on tinder because she’s “bored as fuk” (maybe that’s hoespeak for ‘looking for dicks to sit on’).

I bet you’re jealous of the man who has to pay the bills of this prize catch of a traditional wife, who is now cheating on tinder. Me too!

And lest the Americano brothers feel left out…


Meet Abbigail. The desperation is palpable.


Jazmin doesn’t say very much. For example, she doesn’t tell us whether her husband is going to be deployed when we meet for our one-night stand, or whether he’ll be on the stool in the corner, or whether he’s going to be joining the two of you for some bisexual kink. Personally, I’m inclined to assume that the photo is her way of advertising “no strings attached,” and “please don’t tell hubby.” Whatever her motivations, it’s pretty disturbing.



Author: Boxer

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9 thoughts on “It’s 2018 Everywhere”

  1. Happy New Year Boxer….

    My American (and Californian) sensibilities are a bit surprised by your post for the fact that it shook the images of Gordon Lightfoot, Judy Collins, and “out on the Mira” out of my mind. Then again, I did get “fined” in Vieux Montreal in 1991 for urinating on a dumpster.

  2. Happy New Year Boxer

    Keep up the wonderful work you do in here and all the best for the New Year

  3. Boxer .. very entertaining my man .. good show.

    Happy New Year to all of yenz’ .. my best to you and yours.

  4. Skanks abound…
    About the last screen shot – has anyone had any experiences with war bride widows on dating sites? (mortality widows, not alpha widows, but you can comment on the latter too)
    Happy New Year!

  5. Happy New Year.

    I have never gone to Tinder or used the app…but if those are some of the examples on there, it makes me glad I haven’t. Deregulated female sexuality ruins civilizations.

  6. Happy New Year,
    And may this be the year of a new life in Christ for you.
    Is there more at that last one to confirm that’s not a brother? Assuming it is a boyfriend, that is an incredible ad. Of the ads, I think the one with the esteem problems was the best looking. What do you guys think? She says she is on the rebound, but I bet she is still picky (except when drunk of course) and would reject many solid marriage candidates.

  7. Is there more at that last one to confirm that’s not a brother? Assuming it is a boyfriend, that is an incredible ad.

    Admittedly, I don’t have any evidence that isn’t her brother. I only know that I never had any desire to grope my sister like that guy in the uniform is doing.

    The nerve of these wimminz is really quite incredible. Their stated expectations are off the charts, when in reality, even guys like me and my friends can bang them without too many hassles. Cut down on the body fat, lift some weights, and get a decent haircut.

  8. ‘Is there more at that last one to confirm that’s not a brother?’

    If that’s her brother, then she’s got even more emotional trauma and issues than the general tinder offering.

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