One-In-Three: The Big Lie

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So much for all the phony statistics which purport the local university to be more dangerous than a Bosnian rape camp. In fact, working-class women are much more likely to be raped than entitled feminist college girls.

Thanks to our brother Honeycomb for finding this gem, and to Weekly Standard for original reporting. From the article:

After more than six years’ intense focus on a purported campus rape crisis, Axinn’s study exposes the Obama administration’s Title IX regime for the elitist and politically-motivated overcorrection it was. Axinn and his team analyzed data from the National Survey of Family Growth, which asks Americans between the ages of 15 and 44—among other awkward and sensitive things—whether they’ve experienced forced intercourse. And they found that the women most likely to be forced into unwanted sex are the least likely to set foot on campus.

Read the whole thing (here)

Author: Boxer

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15 thoughts on “One-In-Three: The Big Lie”

  1. Th Wimminz ™ .. for whatever reason (or better yet .. no one cares the reason) .. are hard-wired to be miserable. As evident by this article.

    Even if it ain’t true .. #metoo .. (#pout-tee-face) .. true is what they (th wimminz) want it to be.

    Thanks for the h/t.

  2. Funny how this ..

    makes smart men act like this ..

    It’s like they’re hostages (i.e. th men) and the hostage takers behavior has caused a stockholm syndrome ..

    Sigh .. College for men, now, has to be a confusing place compared to when I went to college (circa mid 1980’s).

  3. What do you think about the conspiracy theory that the government started this myth ro prevent smart people – women and men – from breeding?

  4. @honeycomb

    Articles like that make me sick to the stomach. To even suggest that rating a woman’s attractiveness is akin to rape is not only retarded, spastic and morally reprehensible, it’s actually dangerous for men
    The days when men will need chaperones to protect them from how evil women and faggot white Knight’s are will soon be a reality
    Make no bones about this, this is a full fledged war against men and masculinity

  5. Welcome Anonymous:

    What do you think about the conspiracy theory that the government started this myth ro prevent smart people – women and men – from breeding?

    Glad you asked. I am actually really skeptical that anyone in government is competent enough to take such a long-term view of things. I think government attracts the IQ 100-105 set, for the most part. As for the phony conspiracy theory statistic: “one-in-three” probably just seemed, at first, like a fun talking point to sicko feminists and their halfmen enablers, and the meme spread from there. It’s quite attractive to women (who want to paint themselves as “victims”) and men (who want to score ass by thumping chest and pretending to be heroic).

    I also can’t help but note that the conspiracy theory is most often parroted by the types of women who are, in fact, least in danger of having their asses grabbed. Ugly, fat women like to imagine a conspiracy of men who are out to sexually assault them, because it boosts their ego.

    The smartest people (women and men) are still breeding. By “smartest” I don’t mean raw cognitive ability alone. I think many of the smartest people I know are avoiding university at this point, and starting small businesses instead.



  6. @ kryptonian51 ..

    We (young-men at college) would observe th wimminz walking back to their dorms from th Math & Science buildings .. with cards that rated zero (0) to ten (10) .. it was great .. most of th wimminz enjoyed it too.

    I would not have attend college in today’s environment (re: war on men).

  7. I remember college…if those wimminz were having forced intercourse, they seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit every night with those rapists.

    I think most women don’t understand that both fornication and rape will produce lots of regret for giving up your body to someone who isn’t your husband. The difference is one you were dumb enough to consent to a cad who just wanted your body for a night or two and the other it was out of your control.

  8. I always wondered .. if rape was so bad at college’s .. why would any parent allow them to go?

    (HEH .. we know the score .. and now [re: article above] .. so do a lot of non-in-th-know folks.)

  9. Daddy’s little princess has more opportunities to fornicate with men what with co-ed dorms, no supervision, lots of alcohol and such…but her rape chances aren’t much different.

  10. I don’t know how it could ever be compared…but I still think the level of emotional trauma and regret afterward has to be close to par when a woman fornicates and when a woman is raped.

  11. No .. No .. I don’t believe that Earl.

    But .. as a reminder to all those college age young-men that drop-bye .. RECORD EVERYTHING .. so when Ms sour-grape-drops no longer has a tingle in her taco or you don’t return her messages you’ve got proof she just another lot lizard ™ hoe.

  12. I only bring it up because some women get the idea that regret after fornicating because he didn’t call back is somehow the same as rape. I don’t know if that is feminist brainwashing or if women have no clue what the difference is.

  13. Earl .. they convince themselves it’s true .. and the (internal) ca’meal’yun does the rest.

    Th wimminz believe every twisted lie they tell. It’s scary.

  14. Unlike Boxer .. I believe the Federal / State / Corporate Cloud People* (elitest) want to destroy the family unit.

    It provides jobs & money via the divorce inc ™ groups.

    It provides more taxable dollars to the gubermint .. men have to work harder to support his old family & his (possibly) new family. The word is “slavery” .. and it is alive and well in th USSA.

    Th wimminz have to work now too .. money they make is laundered through the government & corporate monsters. More money churning through the Big Green (USSA) Monster.

    You have to have money to make a kingdom / theftdom (which they have) .. and they can’t let it not produce or provide for your make work jobs those gubermint officials need to pay their bills.

    By turning men and women into a combative (not cooperative) identity .. you get mis-trust and sniping making for a more bloated government .. look at all the laws & regulations we have now due to the mis-trust of men & women .. and as a plus the corporate groups get to lower mens wages due to a surplus of wage earners.

    I din’t think one person can fix it .. so it must be a government operation 😂 (i.e. we need more government .. lol)

    * Cloud vs Dirt People is a theory I use to describe our current oligarchy. (For the record .. I’m a dirt person.)

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