Cruzin’ For Skanks

Today in mytruck-stop-girls-261-liezel-rubin twitter feed, I got an unsolicited, never-asked for advertisement from the establishment media outlet “Red State”. This is a CONservative Republican advocacy site, which masquerades as a news provider. As such the politics are red, but the journalism is yellow.

My readers can view the article in question (here), entitled

“Watch as Ted Cruz Gives Democrats One of the Best Verbal Beat Downs…” 

It will surprise none of my readers to read the article, and find that the first issue this cuck raises is that of skank-ho single moms, who supposedly need yet more monies, redirected from productive, healthy families, to fuel their immoral, decadent lifestyles.

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Like the clever scumbag lawyer he is, Cruz paints freebies as “cutting taxes” on single mothers. Not only a lie, Cruz’ statement is an absolute inversion of the truth. The vast majority of single mothers pay no taxes. They get unearned income, yearly, in tax credits, which is spent almost immediately. Typically, these monies line the pockets of big-box multinational corporate retailers, drug dealers, and liquor distributors (not necessarily in that order) well before the year is out.

Tax Day for most of us is a day we write a hefty check and put it in the mail to the revenuers; but, for the skank-ho single mom, it’s the day in which free money comes in the mail. Cruz wants to double their already generous allowance, funded by the rest of us.

Married brothers and sisters with children, particularly those who vote for these CONservative clowns, ought to ask themselves why Cruz isn’t concerned about their children. Why are these CONservative idiots so insistent upon stealing the hard earned money that ought to go for your kids, and giving it over to trashy single mothers?

Of course, the Democrats are right to refuse skank-ho single moms an increase in their allowance; and Cruz is partly correct, in that they aren’t doing so out of moral conscience or concern for long-term consequences. If there was any sanity in our society, there would be a bipartisan effort to end all these allowances immediately, and an institution of a single-mother tax, or perhaps a mandatory sentence to a work-camp for single mothers, in order to recoup the social services monies wasted on their bastards. There would also be an immediate end to the jurisdiction of the family courts.

Perhaps, in the style of Ramzan A. Kadyrov (a truly great man, and one who loves intact families and children’s rights) all frivolous divorces could be retroactively nullified, with skank-ho wimminz being ordered back into their ex-husbands’ homes, to perform as they originally promised to do. Read about Kadryov’s successes (here).

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5 thoughts on “Cruzin’ For Skanks”

  1. *all frivolous divorces could be retroactively nullified, with skank-ho wimminz being ordered back into their ex-husbands’ homes, to perform as they originally promised to do*

    Haha, love it! Women have so much power in society, especially in marriages, that they have forgotten how good they’ve got it.
    I truly wish for a TRUE patriarchal society where men have supreme rights in a marriage, where the very idea that a woman could divorce her husband would be laughed at, the very idea where if her husband doesn’t do what he’s told, then he gets no sex, would be laughed at
    To hell with making America strong again, we need to make MEN strong again, and give them back their power….only then will society be able to heal itself of the disease that is feminism

  2. Ole Lyin Ted .. lol.

    His .. additions (heh) to the tax bill were not allowed legally or intelligently .. what a bum.

    Why is it that Senators forget their role? They are state pro’voc’o’tours .. we have rep’re’sent’tit’ives for the dirt people.

    I really would like Senators to return to Gov’o’nor appointment. But I die’gress.

    As for a real Pa’tree’arch’ee .. hear here .. I’m all in favor.

  3. I recall a story about it was safer for th wimmin ™ in a committed / married relationship (re: your comment about re-uniting separated / divorced families) .. but cluldn’t find it.

    But I did find the above.

  4. Single moms are like illegal aliens – they’re a drag on society, but they can stuff a ballot into a box, and that’s what politicians truly care about. Their votes are cheap, and just as good as a not-so-cheap tax payer’s vote, so what are the politicians going to do? You guessed it…

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