The Consequences of Chivalry

Brother Honeycomb has found a link to a story which is just too funny to pass up.

A group of low-class squabblers contains a male-female couple, who suddenly take center stage with a lovers quarrel. What’s a white-knighting faggot to do? Why, butt in, of course…

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.25.14

Credit to Associated Press and Yahoo News. Read more (here).

When you ask a woman, who is presently involved in a squabble with her man: “Are you OK?” you are directly challenging her man to combat. Any sensible person knows this instinctively, but white-knights never learn. They’re consumed by a sublimated desire to sniff at the crotch of whatever skank-ho is currently being “abused,” they throw caution to the wind, and too often they reap some unpleasant consequences.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what this prize catch of a wimminz looks like, here she is, on far right, courtesy of the Derby Connecticut Police Department…


Would you go into a street battle to win a trophy like that? Yeah, me neither. The whole crew looks the type of unsavory trash that any normal man, with healthy instincts, would steer clear of; but, the white-knight mentality overrides good sense, decorum, and discretion, and it does so far too often.

In this case, it appears the hero survived his 45 foot fall, and managed to swim to shore. He’s not getting much sympathy in the comments section.Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.36.21

Thanks again to Honeycomb for this priceless example of one of the most common manosphere generalizations. Truly, some people can not be helped.

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13 thoughts on “The Consequences of Chivalry”

  1. HEH .. happy to help ..

    the comments make this story so savory .. plenty of Woke AF men telling it like it is .. and how it should be ..

    the funniest thing is I searched other sites for the story to find comments .. and yahoo was the only site I found comments ..

    even more interesting was .. no pics .. I had to run those down .. to come to the same conclusion you did ..

    WNB ™ (Would NOT Bang)

  2. Exhibit 9,483 for the proposition that you do not, you DO NOT, intervene on behalf of a woman.

    Women fought very, very hard for the right to be treated like men. Let them fend for themselves, as men must.

  3. How does the old saying go .. “I believe women should get equal right’s .. and left’s.”

    Frankly I have never seen much less signed the mythical “Social Contract” or “Chivalry (for every woman)” on demand deal.

    And, I’m okay with that.

  4. In my old and dumb days, I might of still had the sense to intervene and ‘defend her honor’. Thankfully that situation never came up for me in that time.

    Since the time I’ve delved in the sphere…I did see a female look like she was fighting off two other men. I didn’t do anything to intervene, nor was she calling for help. This is what the feminists wanted and that’s what they’ll get.

    Now unless she’s my relative or wife…I’m not going to rescue a strange woman. Especially if she’s dumb enough to choose that type of man to begin with.

  5. Four (ish) years ago .. A divorced woman with a 4 year old boy moved into my little country neighberhood. Of course recently divorced.

    Any way she asked about a recent issue with a woman she knew .. this woman ran her car out of gas & failed to coast off the road.

    She tries to flag people down to help her move the car off the road .. man after man drives bye .. none of the men even give her the tip of their hat .. flat out ignored her.

    Finally a couple of women pull over & help her.

    This young divorced woman asked me why not one man stopped.

    I had a good time with that one.

    Claimed to be a good church woman & went through everyone including the pastor .. and prayed about whether to get a divorce.

    You now know .. but everyone agreed she should get the divorce.

    So much for that poor guy.

  6. Well if women keep thinking, saying, and acting like men are their enemies because they think feminism is so empowering…men are going to start agreeing with them.

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  8. When it comes to fights. I bet this is why police loathe domestic disputes too.

    Women Are More Dangerous Than Men: 5 Lessons Of A Bouncer

    ‘Cronk has also observed a gender difference in the psychology of bar fights. In general, men will maintain a laser-like focus on the dude who pissed them off; they “only want to fight each other; they won’t fight you.” On the other hand, telling a violent woman what to do, for perhaps understandable reasons, will only piss her off more: “Women will fight anyone in their way. They will take a swing when you try to stop them.’

  9. I think a good modus operandi which came to me upon reflection is what I like to call the ‘roof theory’.

    Is this person living under your roof (of authority or actual physical roof)…then you are responsible for them. Does this person not live under your roof…then you don’t have much right to try and defend them from the person who has the authority. Besides trying to usurp that authority isn’t going to do you any good anyway.

    Now when it comes to the modern notion of boyfriend and cohabiting…that’s a little more murky and gray area, still if I’m not their boyfriend, I have no real reason to play white knight to her antics.

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