Deti Speaks on Gaming Married Women

[Note: This is an article by Brother Deti, who describes himself as a member of the legal profession. I believe he has been admitted to the bar in some American State, and he knows what he’s talking about. It’s reproduced from some of his comments, minimally edited by me.]

If you are the “other man” and you bang married women, you can be assured of a few things.

1) You are being used to validate her. Sure, she’s a hole for you to masturbate into. But make no mistake about it – she’s using you too, for any number of reasons – to make her feel “young again”, to prove to herself she’s “still got it” and can attract a man she wants to have sex with, for some form of human connection, to get back at her husband for real or imagined slights, whatever.

2) It will end at some point. She might be looking to branchswing, sure. But would you be her new branch? Of course you wouldn’t. Because if she’ll cheat with you, she’ll cheat on you. Or, she’ll start feeling guilty. Or she’ll know she can’t have a real relationship with you because husband/kids/job/life. And that’s not even counting the real possibility that she will get caught.

3) You’re both living out a fantasy. You, with no strings attached sex where you don’t have to pay for anything or live with her or support her or care about her or listen to her 24/7. You never have to watch her belch and fart and take dumps and pick her nose. She, with a man who is LARPing “caring” about her, and giving her a little bit of sex that she can’t get/won’t accept at home from a man she’s not attracted to, and getting a brief respite from her unhappiness and lack of satisfaction. It’s not sustainable, and it will end at some point.

4) One or both of you will catch feelz. And then it will REALLY hurt when it ends (not if, WHEN).

I do take issue at least a little bit with the availability of court testimony. You can’t always look up trial testimony in a routine humdrum divorce on the internet, in fact most of the time you can’t do it. You would have to know one of the lawyers involved and get a copy of the trial transcript, or get it from the court by physically walking to the courthouse and getting the hard file out. Or if online, you have to subscribe to a service. And even then the testimony isn’t always transcribed, even if it is audio recorded or a court reporter takes it down.

That said, anyone who really wants to find your sworn testimony will be able to find it.

And… yes, you had better tell the truth. Because if you are the “other man” in a divorce, and you get a subpoena, there’s no point in lying. The lawyers already know the wife cheated on her soon to be ex husband with you. And they know that because she told her husband who told her lawyer. Or her husband found the text messages and dick pics. Or someone saw the two of you together and told her husband.

If things go south, if you piss her off, if you end things with her and she becomes a woman scorned, or if she gets caught….

She could falsely accuse you of rape, so as to deflect attention from her conduct and project blame for the affair onto you. And it won’t matter that it was all enthusiastically consensual or that all the meetings were at hotels or at your place, where she had to come to you. All she has to do is say that you went just a bit too far, that you did something she didn’t consent to and forced the issue, that you had anal sex once when she didn’t really want to. And then you are not only the “other man” in a divorce case; you’re also the target of a felony investigation.

It doesn’t matter that the allegations are not all that credible. They will still be investigated. You will still get jammed up. You will have to lawyer up. You will have to give DNA samples. You might be advised to give an official statement to the police in which you have no choice but to describe, in graphic detail, in writing or on video, the sexual encounters you had with her. And you have no choice because you have to portray the sex as completely consensual. If you have photos or saved text messages (and you should, for this very reason), you will need to give them to the cops – again, because you have to portray this as a consensual relationship in which nothing nonconsensual ever took place.

You will have to take time off work. You will have to pay the lawyers. You will have to explain your absences to your employer and friends. You will undergo the stress of the uncertainty, your life on tenterhooks, your life on hold, until you’re cleared. Or if you’re not cleared, then you’ll be indicted, arrested, booked, arraigned, and bound over for trial. In which case you’ll have to decide whether to plead it down if you can, or stand trial and take your chances.

Not fun. Not fun at all.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

16 thoughts on “Deti Speaks on Gaming Married Women”

  1. The old joke was .. What do you call 600 lawyers at the bottom of the sea .. a good start .. drum role please .. of course until you need one.

    Rule 1 .. never mess around with married wimminz (or previously married .. or baby momma’s) .. there are plenty of single ones .. and they to can jam you up legally too.

    Rule 2 .. never fish of the company pier .. not only can you get jammed up legally .. but also lose your job.

    Rule 3 .. All wimminz are crazy (and sometimes go normal for periods of time) so plan accordingly.

    Rule 4 .. record / save everything electronically .. consent or not .. that means video the chit outta your romantic encounters.

    Rule 5 .. ALL wimminz are hoes .. act accordingly (e.g. pump & dump’em)

    After all .. you’re just protecting your assests from a hostile take-over .. or worse .. possible jail time.

  2. There’s a better rule.

    Flee sexual immorality.

    (1 Cor 6:18) (1 Thessalonians 4:3) (Hebrews 13:4) (Proverbs 7)

    That takes care of your 5 rules in one swoop.

  3. True .. but having been a lee-a-zon to the Chaplain in the US Navy .. An Airline Captain .. A Nuclear Operator .. And having seen a lot of divorces & relationships over the years .. I have to offer advice to men who don’t share my values or yours.

  4. Advising against adultery is good.

    Advising against trying to dip your pen in the company ink is good.

    Advising that women are often running off their emotions is good.

    Advising about keeping documentation is good…along with trying to keep your alone time with a woman to a minimum.

    The problem is when fornication gets involved. Remember women run off their emotions quite a bit…and sex is quite emotional for them (unless it’s with the guy they married they were never attracted to in the first place). I saw plenty of my friends get into hairy situations becoming one with a crazy single woman with no kids.

  5. Most men would think my (or your) values anti’q’waited .. I haven’t dated a woman in 10 years .. I’ve never been happier.

  6. They might think it’s antiquated advice…but I know why that advice is in Scripture. Look at what happens to the modern man and woman that thinks they can run the sexual immorality gauntlet and come out unscathed.

    Both sexes lose a lot trying to navigate that lifestyle…when you don’t there’s a lot less to worry about. Your not completely protected, but you have a sound foundation.

  7. “I do take issue at least a little bit with the availability of court testimony. You can’t always look up trial testimony in a routine humdrum divorce on the internet, in fact most of the time you can’t do it. You would have to know one of the lawyers involved and get a copy of the trial transcript, or get it from the court by physically walking to the courthouse and getting the hard file out”
    There are the divorce that I’m interested in researching having to do with Company I’ve been researching for three years. I am dictating screenplay about knowing that how would I get my hands on the divorce testimony. I’m not going to accuse the guy of anything he’s actually in jail for a crime he did not commit. Thoughts?

  8. I just go by Rule 1: All wimminz lie, all the time.

    Of course, there is a difference between women and wimminz (NAWALT and all that), but the wimminz are so skillful at mimicry, that it’s impossible for me to tell the difference, so all women are wimminz until they prove themselves otherwise.

  9. Thank you sir. You have no idea how hard it is to return to return the stuff. I’m not a journalist. The man I’m referring to his brother is a part of the Facebook group. But I don’t dare ask him personal questions about his brother Past.
    I guarded by looking into the DOJ see if they would do anything in the federal trial having to do with the divorce. The ask ex-wife did testify at the federal trial on his behalf stating that she and her new husband sold stock if you buy property and not at his instructed. Of course her talk to mommy can’t be found thanks for the heads up.

  10. Just a bit of help for Renee:

    I’ll correct our host, slightly. Don’t go to a county recorder. They don’t have court records. Go to the office of the clerk of the court where the divorce is or was filed. It is usually County Court, District Court, circuit court or superior court. Something like that. In larger counties there will be a “civil” division; in even larger ones there will be a “domestic relations” division. Start there.

  11. What’s the difference between a woman and a wimminz?

    I’d assume it has to do with her interior character.

  12. Interior character always finds a way, in a Freudian sense, to manifest itself as outward appearance. I take any female with an unnatural dye-job to be a wimminz. Any female with a tattooed boob or cunt is a wimminz. So, in short, yeah. You’re right. It is a matter of the soul, but it always shines forth, and is often visible from a distance.

    My main problem is how skillful many wimminz are at replicating the traits and features of normal chicks, who aren’t primarily out to rip me off; while doing such a great job at suppressing their urges to broadcast their shortcomings. These are the truly dangerous specimens, because they specialize in mimicry with such extensive proficiency as to ensnare a brother before he realizes their true interior nature. In the mean time, all that psychic energy that went into repressing the desire for blue hair and nasty language has a tendency to burst, unsuspectingly, in a torrent of abuse…

  13. Earl .. Boxer’s right .. but let me give you my take.

    Long ago I noticed a trend .. every date (gosh 30 plus years of dating) would be a woman asking me my likes & dislikes .. etc.

    And magically they too had the same likes & dislikes .. th wimminz ™ were the chameleon that changed shape & form to trap a man. Think mirror’ing techniques men use on women .. but in (non-perm’eye’net) verbal / mental form.

    Today .. these women do it to hide their ugly inside .. some don’t mind showing off their ugly .. until they need to change shape .. which they do without any guilt or regret.

    Men develop a bushido ™ as they develop & move forward in life .. they are not shape shifters for each and every different situation or / person.

    Th Wimminz ™ love you .. but reserve the right later to change their mind without any deviation in their thought or persona. i.e. divorce .. they meant it at the time (e.g. till death do we part) .. but not so much now. e.g. “I love your friends” (insert anything else you do or love before marriage) .. but now you have to change to receive my love / affection / non-violent encouragement.

    Th WIMMINZ is also the herd hamster in them all. “The force (i.e. hamster) is strong in them (R).”

    Plus my catch-all of .. th wimminz .. is when it doesn’t conform to my idea of fem’eye’nin behavor.

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