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A bit of motivation from Brother Scott over at American Dad. Unlike the rest of us, he’s not using the holidays to become even more of a fatass. A couple of weeks ago, he decided to get into better shape. I think I had that thought around the same time. Unlike ya boy Boxer, he’s actually doing it.

Motivation (posted 09 Nov.) (here)

When Life Gets In The Way (posted 30 Nov.) (here)

Now, this will cue up the usual suspects (Cane Caldo, SirHamster) to call me a faggot, but Scott’s open about his real life, and he’s posted pics that are interesting. Check out the improvement in his biceps, in the span of about three weeks.

Most of Scott’s blog is now password protected. I think this is wise. Wiser still would be for him to start a separate blog, authored under some sort of pseudonym like “Luigi Montecassino” or some shit, and post his antifeminist stuff there. These posts are not (yet) password protected, so, check them out while you can.

The bottom line is that here is an older bro who (again, unlike me) is self-motivated, with no personal trainer, and who is improving himself with diet and exercise. This is a masculine pursuit which ought to be inspirational.

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5 thoughts on “Post Your Lifts!”

  1. It’s been a while since I heard the word ‘faggot’ being used as one man’s challenge to another man’s masculinity. Now we know the real men. Thanks for the laugh, bro!

  2. Good for him .. I’ve taken the last month off .. which I do every year (normally when I take vacation) .. Monday is first back .. ugh .. but absolutely necessary .. thumbs up

  3. Guy I know who moved back here from LA just turned 70. He’s probably in better shape than most of the 20 year olds in the gym and benches only a little less than I do. Needless to say things like age shouldn’t be an excuse for a man to let himself go.

    As for me…I have to do squats at least twice a week (unless injured). I’m not in tip top shape but doing those along with my other exercises have kept me out of dad bod category so far.

  4. Back in October, I joined a gym with a predominantly male clientele and staff (important in my view) and hired a personal trainer, who I see twice a week. My gains have been noticeable, but have not been pronounced, because I can’t quit eating that extra taco. More generally, I find my motivation to be historically lacking. I’ve rode this yo-yo a number of times (so often it’s pathetic). Usually I want to get into shape to get back down to some abstract number on the scale, at which point I pork out. Often I also want to get back into shape, simply so I can start knocking boots with all the slimy-ass scandalous prostitutes who stop eyeing you when you start going soft. These are not manly motivations, and it’s a shame that I’m only now realizing it.

    I think it was Jack Donovan who wrote that discipline and mastery start with your own body. Men ought to approach themselves as a process, rather than a means to some end (esp if it involves wimminz). From now on, I seek to become my best self, simply for the sake of improvement.

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