Our Leader’s Children

One of the things that can be said about Donald Trump (and I’m not completely a fan) is that his children are not boozy bar sluts (like the Bush girls) or out of control party skanks (like at least one of the Obama kids) or hideously ugly nerds (like the Clinton kid). This says something important about him, both as a man and as a father.

exempli gratia:

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This is a young lady whose father was, for a while, the chief executive of the United States. However, she saw him in those private moments, when he was being berated and cut down by his own wife. She internalized her mother’s obvious lack of respect, and felt that she had no boundaries on her behavior. Today, as a young woman, she is completely bereft of the security of such behavioral checks, and she acts out accordingly.

There was a report I heard, at some point around 2009, in which Michelle Obama angrily berated her husband at a state dinner. The story went on to say that he just stayed quiet while his wife was castigating him in public. Was this report true? I don’t have a source, but I believe it was. Imagine, if you will, being the most powerful man in the world, and being completely unable to tell your own bitch wife to shut her trap, when she’s distracting other important people from doing business. Moreover, imagine what these incidents of public humiliation will teach your children.

Today, Malia Obama is at Harvard, with other children of privilege. She’s got a secret service retinue, and enough money to do whatever she wants. How does she act? Exactly like a trashy teenager in the trailer park, with a stranger’s tongue down her throat, and his hand on her ass… desperately trying to piss off daddy.

Read more at the (ever classy) TMZ (here).

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Our Leader’s Children”

  1. ‘desperately trying to piss off daddy.’

    Or get his attention.

    This isn’t really all that shocking or surprising to me. I’m just wondering if there is a pool on when she becomes a single mother or knowing her father’s policies on the matter…first abortion.

  2. That kinda looks like Trump, standing in the background. I’m guessing he just gave that guy some Executive tips in Presidential Game. It’s only proper to have a POTUS as your wing man when you’re picking up POTUS-class poon.
    “We’ve got an incredible photographer standing right over there… He’s a great guy! We are going to make a lot of money off of this one. Billions and billions of dollars! Believe me!”

  3. If I had my druthers, this type of post is what would be on the alphabet nightly news. It could be covered in less than a minute.

  4. Honeycomb, great example of emotions substituting for truth.
    Boxer’s post isn’t mainstream news because it would be uncomfortably true for viewers. TMZ covers it in a way that doesn’t reflect on God’s glory, but Boxer, who is not a believer, nails it, and in a way that Christian news should at least do. The fear of confrontation is so huge.

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