Alone Again!

Because he knows that so many of you brothers are itching to get into a long-term relationship, and because he has a knack for finding the most eligible and marriage-worthy females, our brother Red Pill Latecomer (on Dalrock) has found this ad. Thank him here. (link)

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She begins by telling all you fellas that she hates her life, going on to explain that she’s about 6 months pregnant with her third child, and that she made life so intolerable that even the father of the upcoming baby has left.

She sure sounds like a prize catch of a wimminz! Fortunately, this wonderful wimminz does not “believe in casual sex” but she insists that she does “believe in marriage and lots of sex after.” Aren’t any of you brothers jumping at your chains to become her “best friend… protector… love…” ?

Contact our empowered single mom here if you want to pay her bills and raise her bastards. (link)

Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “Alone Again!”

  1. What are the odds she’s at least 50 lbs overweight (pre pregnancy) and has at least one hideous tattto?

  2. “Do this all by myself again”: Among all the other red flags, it implies she raised at least one of her two older kids by herself, indicating a pattern of (at the very least) bad choices and no introspection. My kids’ dance teacher has two children by two different men, and her current boyfriend is not the father of either; I feel so sorry for her kids, as well as the kids of this irresponsible trainwreck.

  3. I’ve heard it before from some single ladies with no children thinking being alone is somehow a positive thing. I dont get it.

    I get needing alone time but I dont get trying to make it a complete lifestyle.

  4. Brother boxer, why is the word naturally were you not at the end of the title?

  5. Oh and just so you know I’m not trolling: your left bunch of articles have been very interesting thought provoking and funny but I always end up reading them on my break at work and don’t have enough time to leave a correctly spelled comment

  6. Yet another improprietous carousel rider reaches the end of the line as Satan does an Irish jig. Makes me think women are as much victims of feminism as men are. How much longer can society continue like this?

  7. Great find .. & now it’s gone .. sigh .. honey .. you will always be remembered around these here parts .. lol

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