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philbyScott’s blog (link) is currently being trolled (link) by people who are apparently angry at him, for reasons I won’t pretend to understand. Scott’s blog used to be one of the most subversive blogs on the internet. It featured regular articles praising regular guys for doing regular father stuff, which is probably the most powerful countercultural signal one can send in our degenerate epoch. Lately it has become a popular place for wimminz to gather and seek attention from men. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with this; but, if I’m far less interested in it now than I used to be — and I am — this is the primary reason.

Coincidentally, I had a scare at work a couple of weeks ago. One of the IT snoops sent an email to my boss, asking her (it is a her) why it is that Y’r Boy Boxer was writing hateful misogyny on company time. This was brought to my attention by boss-lady in a very cordial but curious way, and I didn’t hesitate in answering her.

As an aside, fear is a funny thing. It often paralyzes people rather than compelling them to act. There is a biological explanation for deer being easy prey for illegal spotlight poachers — and there is a similar explanation for human beings tendency to freeze up under questioning.

Had I not practiced my answer, I probably would have panicked, and after a longer-than-acceptable delay, said some nonsense like:

“I was hacked!”

Of course, she could have bounced this explanation back to the IT guy, who probably would have pointed out that some of my browsing and commenting was being done while logged into work at odd hours. Cross checking the key logs for the building I was in would have revealed my personal key had opened the door to the office from whence the offensive stuff was posted. Moreover, there were only a few people logged in at some of these times, most of whom were wimminz, and the rest of whom were a couple of flaming homosexuals. There’s also the issue of the fact that while I was posting hateful misogyny, I was also logged in, in a different window, to the firm’s site doing job-related stuff. Was someone else doing my legitimate work, also? No, that excuse wouldn’t fly.

I might also have become defensive, and started squawking about academic freedom, and other such tripe. In fact, that would have marked me as an asshole who would be on the short list to be replaced. Such people who chant such mantras tend to bring lawsuits, and they’re usually a pain in the ass.

What I ended up doing was what I always planned on doing. Rather than being defensive, I simply cocked an eyebrow, and asked “what is it, specifically, that I posted?”

Of course she didn’t know. This leads me to an inescapable conclusion. Some SJW faggot who was scouring network logs just noticed places like Dalrock, Heartiste and the like, and decided to look up the originating IP and meddle. I asked her a second question.

“Do you think I’m a misogynist?”

This is actually a loaded query. If she answered in the affirmative, she would open herself up to trouble. (Not to mention the fact that she’d be forced to explain why she hired such a hateful hater). Of course she laughed, and I laughed, and the whole thing was, if not forgotten, tabled indefinitely.

Even so, I’ve been a bit more circumspect in my browsing habits from the office of late, and this blog has suffered.

Back to Scott, who is an interesting case of someone who is my ideological opposite in nearly every way. I wonder why people are so compelled to troll his blog (allegedly, people are trying to cause trouble in his home life, and are insulting his wife, or something). Scott’s a good example of someone who clearly doesn’t like me personally, but who does a good job trolling feminists. Scott is a member of what I’d call the Caldosphere. He often writes about his real-world excursions with Cane Caldo.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.32.50

Cane Caldo is best known to me as the individual who, for no discernible reason, started spreading the rumor (with a much less intelligent confederate) that I was a homosexual pedophile. (link) When such stuff didn’t work on me, he started spreading the meme that another individual was a homosexual, who had faked his war record. (link) An accusation of stolen valor is, if not worse than an accusation of pedophilia, one which is equally dangerous. The same veteran who selflessly gave up all of life’s lucrative opportunities to serve our state, so that people like Caldo could waste time on the internet, gets to retire and have his service nullified by dishonorable losers.

In any event, anyone who would hang out with Cane Caldo is, to me, suspect, which brings me to my final illustration.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.28.10

No, my name is not “jake.” Jake LaMotta was a boxer. I’m far scrawnier and slower than he was; though I took his name on gmail as an allusion to my pseudonym.

I don’t know exactly why, in 2015, Scott was so interested in learning my real identity. I won’t pretend to know why he described getting people to post identifiably as his “biggest passion.” I only know that had I given him my real name, back in 2015, I would not have been grilled by boss lady a couple of weeks ago. Such a grilling would have been impossible, because my real name would have been publicized by Scott’s pal Cane Caldo, months prior, and my career would have ended long ago.

The moral of this story I’ve tried to weave (out of lots of disparate elements) is that we’re behind enemy lines. There is a reason that I delete comments that people leave, using their work emails and what look to be real names. Unlike Scott, I don’t want to know who you are. I don’t blog to socialize, with wimminz or with men. I don’t blog to fight with nobodies like Cane Caldo, or to insult people’s wives, or for any other petty reason. I blog to fight feminism. This is a fight to the death; and fighting, at this stage in our historical development, is best done anonymously.


That’s a shaved Lenin, wearing a wig, posing for a fake Finnish passport. He was in a fight to the death, and he knew how to keep his mouth shut. Lenin prepared to be interrogated, practicing answers months before the questions were ever asked. Lenin didn’t give his name out to all and sundry. Lenin won. Be like Lenin.

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  1. Probably my least favorite part of the whole red-pill, neoreactionary, manospehre thing is that some of the people I genuinely like and find interesting do not like each other. Part of that, I truly believe is because of the self-imposed anonymity. There is no way to bury the hatchet in any of those cases, because there is no “real” “boxer” or “cane caldo” for that matter. It makes any lines of effort against the grain pretty much impossible, because what we are trying to do is build an alternative community of men, fathers, clergy, etc. I just can’t see how to do that as a virtual person, a gravatar, a catchy nick name. It’s really that simple.

    Although I do understand the risks associated with using your real identity, I am liberated from discussing what I believe to be the truth about marriage, men and women, and all the rest of it under the fear of “doxxing” and such. I am such small potatoes that I don’t think anyone really cares much about what I write anyway.

    The only thing I would disagree with you about here is I have never shared the names of mansosphere commenters I now know in real life (to others). In fact, its never come up. (No one has ever asked). There seems to be kind of a code about it, and it makes sense to me. Its funny about the boxer thing. It never would have occurred to me, because I know nothing of the sport.

  2. By the way, as an aside–there are several blogs that link to me regularly, but I only find out about it if I look at my “incoming links” section of my admin (which I rarely do). I get no notification of a “ping back.” Yours, Dark Brightness, and a few others do this. Not sure why.

  3. No trolling of Scott’s blog is in progress. I don’t even mind that he deleted my comment. I took issue with his excuse and he knows very well why I took issue with it. I tried to gauge what the issue was but was only able to get two comments out before being put into moderation, which from my memory with slightly different wording, were ‘I didn’t insult your wife…’ and ‘Well if that is what is called an insult then the women who wrote the email insulted her husband. Is that correct?’ Both were deleted within a minute or two of posting them, after which Scott removed his previous comment saying that I had personally insulted his wife. I left one or two more comments, calling Scott’s act out but by that time they went straight into moderation and no further comments were posted by me on his blog. The original comment wasn’t an insult and certainly wasn’t ‘personal’ as in name calling or use of rude language. They might have reason to take issue with my comment, which I understand, I know it was taboo to say what I did.

    However, I think it’s true and it is a widely held Manosphere belief that marriages work better when the women marries up and the man marries down. It was also on topic. It was an attempt to draw a comparison between what happens when a woman settles and what happens when a man settles. Clearly when a woman settles, she has no sexual attraction, generally demeans her husband and cannot really submit. The email that Scott posted clearly makes this case. However, on the opposite spectrum, when the man settles, the woman cannot get enough of him sexually and has a far easier time submitting to him. And my evidence for that was using Scott’s marriage but I could have equally used Elspeth’s or Hearthie’s or any of the other ‘red-pilled’ women who are married.

    Marriage works best when women marry up and men marry down. I guess we cannot admit this as it insults the sensibilities of the ladies.

    Anyway, I received Scott’s email, I’ll read it later and respond when I’ve got my head wrapped around this.

  4. None of us have any positive duty to love (or even like) one another. If we’re serious though, we won’t fight other antifeminists if there’s another option. Glad that you guys are not devolving into drama-queen theatrics.

    Incidentally, feministhater, your message was autodelivered to my spam folder. I have absolutely no idea why this is. I apologize for the delay in finding it, but am glad I caught it.

  5. We men are best served by NOT knowing each other in person or anything more than plew’tonic’lee thru electronic connections.

    WE are all independent contractors that are acting together with no prior co’ord’in’nation / central leadership. This is our strength.

    As Boxer has stated .. the less we know the better .. hide each others identities from everyone & move among the shadows.

    Boxer I am very happy to hear you are back to posting after your close encounter. Keep up the good work.

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