Male Feminist on CNN

I thought this was simultaneously sickening and humorous. Male Feminists like Louis CK make jokes about pedo-necrophilia, and then get on stage, to lecture normal men (who find such stuff both revolting and depressing) for things that only male-feminists are obsessed with.

To the last one, all the degenerates now being exposed for degenerate acts in Hollywood have been regular features on feminist media, where they have spent years scolding regular men, who would never even consider the sorts of abnormal nonsense they have all indulged in.

Check the video out and see what you think.

Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “Male Feminist on CNN”

  1. As bad as, if not worse than, Louis CK’s necropedophilia joke is that his audience actually laughed at it. Too bad that theater didn’t catch fire that night with all of the exits blocked.

  2. I don’t watch CK Louis .. or much TV at all.

    Though, it appears, maybe the fact CK Louis can make a living is based on the gross number of (sick) Lib’tards here in the USsA that pay money directly to or indirectly to this institution called enter’tane’mint.

    These very idiots would have you believe it’s okay to burn the US Flag while deny’ing you the right to gracefully fly a flag of your choice in your front yard (e.g. Confederate Flag).

    No vac’seen is currently in use. It’s coming though. Let’em burn.

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