She does exist

Scott’s “American Dad” blog used to be a subversive site honoring specific, individual fathers. It has morphed into something else recently. Even so, this is interesting feedback my readers might like. I read this wimminz as in the early stages of justifying her upcoming divorce? What do you boys think? Discuss…

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5 thoughts on “She does exist”

  1. Thanks for reposting this, Boxer.

    I’m sure that the women regulars over at Scott’s blog will find the comments I left there to be “judgmental,” but it seems to me that this is the risk that anyone, male or female, takes when they reveal their issues publically. The fact is that we ALL are judged by SOMEBODY (usually plural), every minute of every day. It’s as much of a fact of life as the cost of living and the common cold. People need to just deal with it.

    At any rate, I keep thinking about what this woman’s husband must be going through now that she has explicitly told him –and the rest of the world– that she’s not into him sexually. Knowing nothing about him other than what little she reveals, I can only assume the following possibilities:

    1. He was blissfully unaware of her lack of sexual attraction to him up until now (unlikely, but still possible) and is crushed by the revelation.

    2. He suspected or knew that all was not well with her “passion programming,” but also knew that there was really nothing he could do to change it and was just content to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation in the sack. Hearing the truth straight from the horse’s mouth doesn’t devastate him, but at the same time, having his worst fears confirmed leaves him with a lingering sense of hopelessness.

    3. She has been obvious in her sexual coldness toward him for years, if not from her wedding night, and his marriage has never been anything but “duty sex, once a month at most,” and this is the moment of truth he has been both fearing and eagerly waiting for. Even though her admission won’t change anything in the bedroom, he now knows for certain where he stands and can make his plans for the future accordingly.

    You’re correct, Boxer, when you state that no man needs a women to state that she’s passionately hot for him. If she does a reasonably good job of faking it, that’s enough for most men. The problem is that most women cannot “fake it” indefinitely, or even for very long. Most men can viscerally sense a woman’s level of attraction (or lack thereof) for them anyway, so her “faking it” can only succeed to a small extent even under the most ideal of conditions.

    TL;DR version: If this woman had continued to sex up her husband on the regular while seeking counsel for her problem discreetly, then that would have shown both wisdom AND respect for her marriage. Instead she chose to humiliate her husband by airing her dirty laundry to the world AND rubbing his nose in it. THAT, sez me, shows more than anything else the depths of her rejection –even contempt– of him.

  2. Boxer, Feeriker, I wonder if y’all would be interested in my comments on this over at Spawny’s place…

    Starting here:
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    Stephanie is banned (Article 1).

  3. Everytime I read something like this…I thank God the women who didn’t feel that way towards me at least said it when they broke up with me. Sure it hurt like hell for a few days but better to hear that before you get married, than for her to keep her mouth shut and you find out after you get married.

    Also this will be one of the more dumb reasons for a divorce if that is her intention especially if they have kids. My take is she’s in rebellion with her husband (which is common with wives given the fall of man and all plus feminism pretty much oozing in their thought process for most) and the easiest way to manifest that is through sex. She thinks her ‘woe is me’ situation is oh so special when it’s really not. Marriage isn’t about your feelings being fulfilled, it’s about fulfilling your duty to your spouse.

  4. Yes. She brought up divorce and child support in person to her husband and possibly priest and to random men on the internet. She also stated the main reason she stayed is she believes she can do no better. Not exactly reassuring with men as roughly 50% of the population of the globe. How many signs does one need?

    However, if she knew she would not get custody, cs, or alimony, I would rate her chances of staying much higher. Amend the law to reduce the risk, unlikely.

  5. Agreed .. since we can’t back to the old way .. the man gets custody & the wife gets nothing .. then ..

    A good start would be split all ass’sets gained by both during the marriage 50/50 (%) & joint 50/50 (%) custody until they can pick a parent .. no money changes hands regarding the children.

    End all lawyers & judges and make all legal matters a matter of record in a court of “justice” .. not the useless court of “equality”.

    Also, all pre-nups must be honored 100%.

    This would be a good start in my books. In fact it might be all that’s required for men to accept / shoulder the responsibility of marriage once again with some confidence they will not get shafted after she’s had her wedding day.

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