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Pukeko has a blog entitled Dark Brightness. In a recent article he quotes ya boy Boxer, who wondered out loud, over on Dalrock, why Episcopalians gave up so easily.

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Most of the difficulty people imagine in such an endeavor is illusory. The chief problem among Christian men is their proclivity to devolve into petty bitch fighting (note the endless squabbles on Dalrock for an example). The task would probably take 1-3 years. Assuming one could gather four or five solid men who could go that temporal distance, the takeover of an Episcopal diocese ought to be relatively straightforward. The church was set up by none other than Benjamin Franklin, and is largely controlled and managed by its members, and is so depopulated at this point, that democratic control could be established with just a few decent families in strategic positions.

Pukeko’s blog doesn’t allow me to comment. Whether this is by design or accident, I know not, but I added him to my sidebar, and wish him well as he strategizes the second renaissance into becoming.

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  1. The comments are now up.
    At the congregational level, it would take about 3 to 5 years. Have seen it happen.
    You need to then ensure that the social justice scum don’t get back in.

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