False Accusations

The female brain is such that a bitch, when she’s properly motivated, can dream up any scenario, and will not waver from accusing you of doing or saying anything, if it supports whatever makes her feel good in the moment.

This bitch (an unremarkable redhead) suddenly reappeared about a month ago. I had fucked her last summer a couple of times, and subsequently given her the brush with no drama. She wanted some more of Boxer, and Boxer obliged.


So, we met up for a bit of fucking. All seemed to go well. I bounced, and suddenly, she remembered how mean and rude and rudely mean I had been, all those months before. She had to text me about this affront immediately, asking me if I really meant all the mean stuff I said.

I kept blowing her off and deleting the conversations until finally, I offered to make material amends for my crap behavior — provided she could pony up some evidence of same.

Supposedly, I had hurt little princess deeply, by insulting her womanhood, or something. Problem is, I archive all my conversations; and no such squabble ever took place. This nonsense is not at all uncommon, but it does throw the recipient into confusion, if he’s not accustomed to wimminz and their shallow dealings.

How to explain this strange phenomenon? There are a couple of distinct possibilities, which I rank in order of descending probability.

  1. Bitch had said squabble with some other dick she was riding last summer.
  2. Bitch is a drama queen, and is making shit up for attention.
  3. Bitch is genuinely psychotic, living in a dream world.

Scenario 1 is slightly more likely than 2, only because bitch caused no drama whatever last summer. Either bitch got her feelz hurt by someone she has mistaken for me, or she got her feelz hurt by a man and she needs me (a man) to pay the price for hurting those precious feelz.

Naturally, once any bitch has gone down this road, pride precludes a reasonable reversal. No bitch is ever wrong, even when her dumb ass is.

This is an annoying but fairly common scenario, which young brothers should note well. Remember a few things when dealing with a bitch that pulls this sort of nonsense.

  1. Never complain, never explain.
  2. Don’t apologize, even if you did something resembling what she’s accusing you of.
  3. Don’t panic.

This tedious sort of chickie theatre is, in fact, a blessing. Bitch who pulls this sort of line is tipping you off to the fact that she is completely unfit to fill any role other than “former fucktoy” in your life. Next her immediately, and without mercy.

Author: Boxer

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