An(other) Heroic Single Mom

These stories just keep on coming. As usual, no comment from the father of this unfortunate little boy, anywhere in the text.

Such great “journalists” we have in America, right folks? Fantastic people.

Predictably, the story paints dad as yet another deadbeat, who must have simply disappeared in the night. When he is mentioned, there are implications that he was an accomplice.

I have a more realistic theory…

ST. GEORGE — A 12-year-old Toquerville boy, whose abuse case sparked worldwide outrage after he was found lying on a filthy bathroom floor, severely malnourished and unable to move because his legs weren’t strong enough, doesn’t remember exactly how long he was kept in his “torture chamber,” as prosecutors called it.

But the boy remembers hearing his siblings and parents open Christmas presents. Twice.

This is the child that looked too much like daddy. It’s also likely that “siblings” were sisters. Women have zero empathy for any man, and that includes little ones.

On Monday, a judge imposed the maximum sentence on the boy’s mother, Brandy K. Jaynes, 36, convicted of three counts of intentional child abuse causing serious injury, a second-degree felony. She was sentenced to one to 15 years in the Utah State Prison for each count, with all counts to be served consecutively.

Before sentencing her, 5th District Judge Eric Ludlow called the abuse “deplorable” and “appalling.” He made Jaynes look at a picture of the room her son was locked in, where Post-it notes with messages such as “Touch the camera, I will kick your butt with a stick” and “You will act like a human at all times” were duct taped to the wall.

“You did not act like a human at all times,” Ludlow told Jaynes. “I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s unbelievable, quite frankly.”

The chucklehead in the black robe can act all shocked-just-shocked now, but his brothers in the legal profession are ultimately responsible for separating this boy from his dad.

Jaynes denied writing the notes, claiming the boy’s twin sister was the culprit.

Did I call it, or what? He was hated because he was a he. That’s often all it takes.

Details of the disturbing case caused a widespread outcry after Jaynes’ arrest in January. Police said the 12-year-old boy was living in a feces-filled bathroom that had been fitted with locks on the outside of the doors. He weighed just 30 pounds when he was found.

Before being sentenced Monday, prosecutor Angie Reddish-Day revealed that the boy may have been locked up from four to eight years, based on witness statements and other evidence, including the boy’s physical and mental condition,

It started with him being locked in a bedroom with no bed, being forced to lie on wood planks as Jaynes poured water on him, Reddish-Day said. The boy was later moved to a stand-up shower stall where boards were put up to keep him in. Evidence of food where the boy ate was found by investigators in the shower, she said. And later, he was moved to the small bathroom, where because of its size, the boy stopped growing.

What really puts this case in a different category is that she had a live feed camera watching him suffer every single day. … She can’t say she didn’t know what was happening because she watched it happening.

As expected, cunt’s lawyer tries to blame the father. The standards based journalists who wrote up the story have no comment from that poor guy at all.

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We all know a more plausible scenario, don’t we? At some point, the father of this unfortunate kid stood tall before a divorce-court judge, and begged to be part of his son’s life. The judge ignored him (or, possibly, laughed in his face). Appeals to the courts are futile, and eventually, the poor fellow probably wandered off, after paying what little money was left to attorneys. This tragedy is the predictable end result of our “family court” system.

…best interests of the children…

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  1. i wouldn’t be surprised if she is released early because of the strong feminist pressure,after all her boy is just a male and males are evil,remember

  2. sigh .. I don’t believe there is a fix for this family court problem.

    It’s gotta be completely dismantled.

    We have to go back to .. the woman walks away with what she brought into the relationship and nothing more .. those are his kids not her’s.

    He will remarry & try again.

    She can fend for herself .. if another man will have her great .. if not .. you removed the problem two fold .. a) she’s outta the gene pool and b) she’s an example to other women.

    More and more men will eventually find that this is the only forward if they want a healthy society.

    PS .. I don’t give a rats azz about marriage because I never wanted a family .. but I do care about our society.

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