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The author of Dalrock is finally addressing Artisanal Toad’s new, post-christian religious movement (see here and here). A couple of weeks ago, I started doing the same thing (here). My nigga Toad has advanced a number of propositions which seem (at least to me) to conflict with the text of the New Testament. Such as:

  • The permissibility of men to simultaneously marry multiple women (source)
  • The permissibility of women to dyke out with lesbian sex (ibid)
  • The necessity of mild-to-moderate S&M sexual fetishes (source)

It gives ya boy Boxer a nice ego-boost to think that I’ve goaded Mr. Dalrock into a necessary and interesting debate; though it was probably catalyzed by a mixture of annoyance and boredom. Even so, the argument between Dalrock and Toad is at a sufficiently high level to (so far) be both productive and entertaining, and both sides make their points with wit and humor.

As usual, SirHamster can not abide a civilized debate, and so the stunted halfman has spent the last several days living on the internet, attempting to derail it. Leave it to this untreated Tourette’s patient to respond to funny arguments, not with witty ripostes, but with acres of ponderously dull, yet entirely pointless gibbering.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 09.39.33

SirHamster comes to a forum where argument is the rule. He tries (and tries, and tries) to argue, but he’s not smart enough to keep up. He subsequently tries to flame people, but it turns out that he isn’t so good at flaming, either. He ends up getting flamed more effectively in return.  And as if that isn’t bad enough, it turns out that SirHamster can’t take it. He gets back what he tried to dish out, and the moron loses his cool and starts throwing around threats and unhinged accusations.  It doesn’t impress anyone, it just confirms what a dull jackass he is.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 15.46.23Given that Toad is capable of both arguing and flamecraft, SirHamster deludes himself with the idea that we’re in cahoots. This would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. There’s no one I have historically disagreed with more consistently (and more vigorously) than The Notorious T.O.A.D.. That both I and Toad are men, who can argue without getting all weepy and upset, is what truly flummoxes this pathetic fake christian. It is beyond his ken to understand that arguing well is a masculine virtue, or that one can learn something from an ideological opponent.

Having been thoroughly humiliated, SirHamster began begging for help from similar simpletons, none of whom wanted to get into his hole. He then began accusing all his critics of high crimes and misdemeanors. His last attempt at justification was to advance the strange theory that his self-imposed humiliation was somehow akin to the martyrdom of a Christian saint.

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 09.48.27

He is called to indulge in this sort of self-abasement, because it might lead to the “repentance” of his critics.

I’m always amused by squalling idiots who bawl out, “BOXER you meany! You’re a bully! Stop flaming me!” These same people are invariably the ones who started the shit in the first, but when they get overwhelmed, they want out.

Here’s a clue for halfwits everywhere: I’m a fairly easy guy to get along with. If you leave me alone, I will generally extend you the same courtesy. Even if you behave like a raving nutcase, or a slopeheaded moron, I will usually ignore you. There are, in fact, a great number of people in the ‘sphere that I regard as chuckleheads, but because they leave me alone, I respect their boundaries the same way. Once you come at me, you need to be prepared to be reduced to my own private plaything, until I get the impression that you’ve learned your lesson.

Don’t whine to your mommy and daddy, bawling about how mean I am. If you can’t take it, don’t start it.

I just can’t make it any simpler.


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