Daughters Murdered By Mom…

…to punish father.

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Crazy woman from the Houston (TX/US) area murders her daughters, to punish their father. The murders occurred on his birthday, on the run-up to wedding preparations for the oldest girl. The husband was not shot in a calculated ploy to make him suffer survivor’s guilt. Cunt was still waving her pistol around as the police arrived, and some poor cop was forced to ice her, saving the people of Harris County the cost of a trial.

Fortunately, facebook left the miserable old cunt’s web page up, so that the brothers can see what kind of woman they’re ending up with when wedding a “southern belle”.

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High angle glamour selfies, dumb jokes, and vacuous product placement for south-themed transnational corporations. This will be the woman you’re shackled with, twenty years hence. Don’t you guys want to get married? Yeah, me too!

Case of beer for the cop on the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department force who took out the trash, payable on demand.

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