Don’t Be Thirsty

The moral to this illustration is not to be a nice guy. Women just assume you’re desperate, and will treat you accordingly. Be an asshole, instead. It’s what they respond best to…


Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Thirsty”

  1. Does she call herself a stupid biatch or is that from somewhere else? If it Brittany, then you are providing an example of a transparently feral woman, nothing more. Does a rising tide of cultural coarseness mean more sin? According to Proverbs, yes, but we also just have more open displays, which she is. So I only learn from her that there is a lack of societal guardrails. That being said, for women like her, yes, men should increase their hardness for increasing the probability of getting a score.
    Well-raised women will be grateful for gifts, even if they are very good-looking.

  2. She was calling the poor schlub who bought her flowers and candy a “stupid bitch”. Her friends backed her up in the comments.

    Ho’s like this secretly like the flowers and candy, but they have to front, because they know they don’t deserve any, and that by taking the goods they are lower than a prostitute.

    Solution: Don’t be giving a ho’ anything. Make her work for the smallest morsel of affection or material recompense.

  3. In some cases, a morsel is too much, but I might surprise you here, it would be for her own good. Having to develop a good work ethic would be good for some women, but it would be more beneficial for them if you could explain it. Why are you at a table with a ho anyhow? She better be under 25 if you are.
    You said lower than a prostitute, did you mean, cheaper than?
    Off topic question, do you have a way of distinguishing between damaged goods and a ho? There are a few cases where I could and sadness for the woman helped me make a distinction. Lots of overlap in my opinion. Take Brittany for example, what is the likelihood she comes from a stable home? I don’t like guessing this high, but I’ll say 30% to 60%.

  4. Dear Swanny:

    A prostitute at least doesn’t bash her john on facebook (it’d be bad for business to do so).

    Every ho’ is really damaged goods, even if she didn’t start out that way. I have respect for women who reform themselves, quit wasting time and settle down – same as I respect men who do so – but the damage that the ho’ and playa lifestyle leaves on a person is permanent.

    Roissy and others like to opine that the playa lifestyle (being a male skank-ho’) is harmless. They are liars. I have written about this in the past, and should write more in the future.



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