Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 13.33.40tl;dr: I’ve often wondered why my Mormon aunties were able to have healthy kids until 45, and generally just assumed that it was a statistical quirk. In fact, there’s some motherfucking science! suggesting that women who start having kids early have an easier time having them late, too.

I subsequently assumed that if there was a correlation, it was caused by negative pressures (sluts who jack themselves up on synthetic hormone birth control, have abortions, and get their uteri scarred by HPV and gonorrhoea having a more difficult time conceiving). No, that’s not the whole story either.

In our study, peak fecundability was approximately 29–30 years among parous women and 27–28 years among nulliparous women. Among parous women, age was associated with increasing fecundability until age 30 years, after which it decreased; among nulliparous women, there was little increase in fecundability after age 20 and a marked decline starting around age 28 years.

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Credit to Heidi (part of the award-winning Dalrock research team) for finding this article. Show her some love (here).

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