Just In Time

Just in time to illustrate the bounce-back phenomenon I wrote about mere hours ago, is this little gem, which I received at about 23h50 yesterday evening.

IMG_0005 (1)

There are eight different conversations here. One is a relative, age ten. One is a colleague. Two are bitches I’m currently fucking. Three are bitches who want to fuck me. Then there is instagram ho’. My readers will remember instagram ho’ from this entry (link).

In my conversation, I express confusion as to why this bitch would be texting me out of the blue. Of course, I’m not actually confused. As all my readers know, this is what ho’s do.

Several weeks ago instagram ho’ decided that I wasn’t sufficiently invested in her, and she wanted me to man up. As is my custom, I told her I understood, and bid her good luck as she stomped away, nose in the air, to find someone more manly. I imagine that she’s had several tinder flings in the interim, but apparently no one else is giving her even the meager and insufficient bounty of attention that I did. Thus, the bitch wants to re-enter orbit.

Instagram ho’ was very good at sex, but was otherwise dull as dirt. It makes no sense to hold grudges, but as I have other options at the moment, instagram ho’ has a long wait in line which I predict she won’t be able to tolerate. It’s just as well.

Author: Boxer

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