3 thoughts on “NFC Stands For…”

  1. According to a relative of mine in the military, they have a term for certain women who marry rank-and-file soldiers; a “dependapotamus.”

    No explanation of the term seems necessary.

  2. Just like me to ruin some good humor with low brow analysis, but here it goes: somehow it became a low income white thing to marry the tubs. The last time I read about the military I think it said they aren’t from the lower strata as thought, so I am off topic a bit. All of the US is fatter, but I do think some churchian and class culture cues are combining in such common hookups. This brings up another point, I don’t trust the national stats on obesity, I think they are white lighting the stats and that men don’t have the high numbers of obese percentages that I read about.

  3. I am in an NFC franchise city, so it took me a few tries before getting it. My first guess is funny in hindsight, it was “no fat chicks.”

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