The Legend of Everyho’

…as told by Anonymous on /pol/

zoeThis is [name removed], your typical millennial woman, who will be 30-years old next year. At 18, she found that she was suddenly treated like God’s gift to the world. Everyone laughed at her jokes, and followed her social media feeds. People hung on her every word. Doors were held, drinks bought, and space made for her.

But then, as she entered her late 20’s, things began to change. Her youth began to fade, and with it went the attention, the social priority, the sense of value. Desperately, she clung to what remained, resenting younger women and the men whose glances, little by little, stopped falling upon her. Like many women of her generation, she had no boyfriend and was childless. So, she doubled down, and tried to maintain the carefree party that is being a 20-something girl in a big city.

But she’s almost 30 now, and the drinks and the nights out aren’t quite as exciting as they once were, so she nods off early. One by one, her BFFs got off the subway, so now she rides alone. Her tinder date never showed up, so she just got a pizza to share with herself, and like her gradually fading youth, it’s slowly slipping away. While it hasn’t quite touched the floor yet, still separated by some wax paper, an onlooker is forced to ask: “Is any of this actually worth saving?”


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  1. Sir
    Is A woman still a skank ho if if she forgot to sleep around or ever have sex before the age of 30 and it’s almost 31 and dill hadn’t had sex Also what is the difference between contentment in the fact that he had no romantic/sexual value and the you go girl lifestyle. My biggest problem is not that I’m ugly it’s that my mother just had to punch me out in 1986

  2. Something’s off when each nail’s a different color. Red, bronze, black. Is that a new thing?

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