Trolling The Edges

Everyone needs to visit The Edges, a blog authored by a fake Christian named Timothy Willard, for some truly bizarre displays of masochism. Note: Tim would like you to know that he has a Ph.D. (fuck’n lol).

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His most recent article is entitled “Fighting for My Wife,” (link) and contains a bizarre, sappy, creepy sort of “love dare.”

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Naturally, y’r boy Boxer couldn’t help but leave a few choice comments…

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The other comments range from silly to creepy to bitter.

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Amy Denton sounds like a prize catch of a wimminz, doesn’t she? Make sure to marry a nice Christian girl, fellas. That’s surely the way to go.

Not to be outdone, Christian scholar Laurie appears to school us on the definition of “Biblical marriage.”

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Biblical scholar Jennifer McCoy appears suddenly, scolding those of us naysayers who may not be taking the original article seriously.

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And, naturally, there are plenty of white knights, jumping in to defend m’lady, in the hopes of getting a sniff at some whore’s crusty old butthole…

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Truly, a good time is being had by all. Stop on by, and tell them Herbie Marcuse sent you!

Note: Props to Oscar, part of the award winning Dalrock research team, for finding this nonsense. Visit the discussion on Herr Doktor Willard’s bizarre article (here). Visit Oscar’s blog (here).

Author: Boxer

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