Another Death by Single Mom

061917-ktrk-4yo-stabbing-victim-imgAt some point, the Texas divorce courts decided that four-year old Fredricka, seen here, would be much better off living with her unstable skank-ho single mom, than with a normal, healthy family. It will surprise none of my readers to learn that little Fredricka was subsequently murdered.

Needless to say, there is no national outrage. There is no extended media coverage of any kind. This happened in Houston, but outlets in Dallas and San Antonio are not running the story.

There will be no candlelight vigils, nor calls for a “national conversation” on single-motherhood.

Skank-ho mommy is in the jailhouse, due to receive a far lighter sentence than she deserves, and the little girl’s father has been officially erased by the gaystream media.

From KTRK-Houston (link)

The paternal family of Fredricka Allen spoke out to Eyewitness News. The little girl’s grandmother, Willia Allen, said her son first called her Sunday. He was worried about his daughter’s safety.

“Paternal family”? “her son”? How about a statement from the child’s father, or at least some acknowledgement? The best these morons can do is a one-line snippet by the victim’s grandmother (another wimminz, naturally).

This is, of course, a pattern that y’r boy Boxer has noted many times. Like little Victoria in Albuquerque (link), Fredricka had no chance at a decent or stable life, once her skank-ho mommy opened up the doors of the divorce courts.

This is also one more reason that no man should ever marry or have children with an American ho’, without doing some serious soul-searching. The phenomenon is less common than it could be, but it’s still a frighteningly real worst-case scenario that any intelligent man ought to consider carefully.

Special thanks to Red Pill Latecomer, of the award-winning Dalrock Research Team, for finding this article and sharing it. Show him some love here (link).

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4 thoughts on “Another Death by Single Mom”

  1. “This is also one more reason that no man should ever marry or have children with an American ho’,”

    They should put that on the syllabus of Women Studies 101.

  2. Sir
    Her 3 other kids are with their dad so maybe they will be safe going forward

  3. Dear Renee:

    That’s good to know. I hope they find some way to cope with the loss of their sister.

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