You Have Been Trolled (by @redsteeze)

Recently, a conservative journalist named Stephen Miller decided to blackpill Alamo Draft House, and attend one of the “women only” screenings of Wonder Woman.

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Karol Markowicz’ comment was included on purpose, because I found it humorous.

While Karol feigns surprise, anyone who has read Brother Boxer for any length of time would have predicted this outcome. Women (including and especially feminists) love men who laugh at their prescriptions and prohibitions. If a woman says she would never tolerate x, and you do x immediately afterward, it’s likely to make that same woman interested in you.

Brother Stephen may have been in danger of being mobbed by desperate, wall-hitting feminists who wanted his phone number, but he was too wise in the ways of women to worry that his presence would cause angry meltdowns or violent attacks.

Not to be outdone, scores of women (like Rachel Leishman) are now raging on twitter, begging Stephen for the D, and expressing outrage that they weren’t in attendance to garner some of this alpha-male’s real-world attentions.

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5 thoughts on “You Have Been Trolled (by @redsteeze)”

  1. Many thanks for your comment to my ‘site. I hope my presence on your site is contributing to a renewed spurt of activity I sense here. That would be fine. (In the elevated/refined sense.)

    Obviously women love being defied. This is obvious to anyone with half a brain –and at least one testicle.

    And yet many men dutifully “respect” women. Women don’t get wet for that. As I recently alluded to on the Chateau, women’s fiction is all about being forced, taken, advantaged, pushed against walls, panties yanked on almost wedgie-style. I have lightly skimmed works in the Romance section at the library at random.

    The amusing thing is none of these women writers go FAR ENOUGH. Heartiste himself doesn’t go far enough. H-Bomb raises the “disturbing possibility” that “some women” would tolerate being raped.

    EVERY WOMAN can think of a scenario in which she would LOVE LOVE LOVE A GOOD RAPING. I will go even farther: a rape from a man, almost any man, will make her LIKE HIM MORE. That’s my own dead-stone-ass-seri0us assessment.

    Now, of course, she’ll happily phone the police, so if anyone reading this is looking forward to a free rape, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Chicks are happy to steal pleasure from men, then fuck that man over. Look how grateful they are when they get divorced. You could give her ten years of good times, then she rapes YOU for your wallet, and steals your money. To repeat: a woman will take a good raping, then phone the police.

    Now, being women, they have all sorts of conditions for the “ideal rape.” They want the guy to be of superior quality underneath. That is, he’s gotta be a fighter but not too genetically stupid, he can’t be a loser who is ONLY a rapist, and he would ideally be at least a little attractive and maybe even a good father in some sense. (Remember this is the bizarre world of women thinking. Expect mucho weirdness.)

    *laughing gently* Half the time women contrive fights just for the “hot” make-up sex, ideally involving choking.

    What a bunch of LOSERS, THEY ARE. If there was a third sex with sexual features, I would never talk to the females that exist currently. Still, they love my pretty ass and sharp wit.

  2. “If a woman says she would never tolerate x, and you do x immediately afterward, it’s likely to make that same woman interested in you.”

    Fist bump.

  3. “EVERY WOMAN can think of a scenario in which she would LOVE LOVE LOVE A GOOD RAPING. ”

    You’re an idiot.

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