Quantum Intersectionality

Credit goes to Anon (part of the award winning Dalrock Research Team) for finding this hilarious piece of lunacy. Show him some love here.

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From page (no, not kidding) 69:

Quantum physics disrupts the stagnancies of typically humanly recognized bodies. In quantum understandings, particles (classically understood as stagnant objects) also have wavelike properties, di ract, leap, and are quantumly entangled.

It will doubtless come as a shock to learn of the author’s credentials.

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Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “Quantum Intersectionality”

  1. *chortling* Boxer, you write more like an alt-righter than anything else. Your TONE is straight out of the Dark TRIAD PLAYBOOK.

    What a fucking loon that cunt is. And what a screwed-up society to allow her to make a living off this. Truly, rich and fat — and stab-worthy, this whole society, thing, whatever nonsense it is.

    If it weren’t for its techno-armed forces this would never be possible. Mexicans would be dragging her body through ditches to the human bonfires.

  2. And by the way, don’t be polite if you plan on emailing her. I counterorder Boxer on that one.

  3. abstracts are supposed to be readable summaries in layman’s terms, are they not? what a fuggin fruity ass word salad. what i’m grasping is, she is trying to equate particles being in different states simultaneously to gender fluidity? i probably have JSTOR access to the full text but I can’t imagine it’s worth it other than for shits and giggles. probably not many giggles either.

    btw sorcerygod i showed this post to my coworker and he lol’d at your comment. specifically, the colorful use of the c-word. (humor is so idiosyncratic.)

  4. *fist pump up in the air*

    Yes! I’m liked outside the orbits of the Internet.

    Drag that man to my site for immediate commenting duties, V!

  5. i tried, but my friend might as well be rainbow jeremy. he just chill at home, smoke his own homegrown, and check this, he don’t have a facebook

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