Mangina No. 5520915

It’s difficult for me to understand this level of desperation. Even so, there is much truth in the subtext of the message.

Our brother Ebrahim is here committing the cardinal sin of lying to himself. His goal is to salvage his ego, by making his wasted time and money a noble pursuit, rather than what it blatantly is: just wasted time and money.


It would honestly be less risky for Ebrahim to just lie around in bed all day, and flush all of his surplus cash down the toilet.

As it is, he’s due to enter the marriage/divorce cycle presently, and may even end up paying child support for one of the bastards his ho’ popped out, prior to his fortuitous arrival.

Author: Boxer

Secret King of all Gamma Males, Member of Frankfurt School, Your Fave Contrarian!

2 thoughts on “Mangina No. 5520915”

    1. Probably. I honestly come across such an endless variety of crap like this, every day, that it’s difficult to know just what to post.


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