Infowars: Washington Insiders

I suppose congratulations are in order to Alex Jones’ media outlet, which has been granted access to the highest levels of the government it pretends to criticize. From Infowars own press release…

In an epic blow to the mainstream media’s control of the narrative, Infowars has officially received White House Press Credentials that will allow Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi to attend White House press briefings.

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These developments are interesting for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which is an apparent conflict of interest. Alex Jones has made his living denouncing the U.S. Government as corrupt. For years he has titillated the gullible with poorly-sourced stories about a coming apocalypse, in which the American military disarms the citizenry, and puts them into FEMA concentration camps for eventual mass murder. Now it appears that the author of these paranoid conspiracy theories is slumming around with the same people he claimed were going to operate death camps. What gives?

Alex Jones may even attend some White House press briefings in person, as journalist Mike Cernovich recently discussed.

Earlier we noted Alex Jones’ disastrous run through the divorce meatgrinder. Despite the fact that his children were kidnapped away from him by his ex-wife, with the help of the State of Texas, Alex Jones has not published a single story or led a single protest in support of the tens of thousands of other fathers in similar situations. Now he is going to be hanging out with the “mainstream fake news media” on a regular basis, as they rub shoulders together in the white house press room.

I never framed him for a hypocrite.


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