Women: Natural Caregivers

Michelle Martens was the mother of a ten-year old little girl named Victoria, and she lives in the Albuquerque area. Martens has confessed to police that she “watched” while her two fuckbuddies, Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley, raped, tortured, strangled and dismembered little Victoria. When directly questioned, she admitted that she got “sexually satisfied” watching her daughter meet this grisly end.

Martens also admitted to pimping this child out in the past for money and other favors. She met her pedophile associates on the swingers/dating site Plenty of Fish.

Needless to say, local media has not addressed the strange absence of little Victoria’s biological father. I guess we’re not supposed to go there. Moreover, there seems to be no outrage from feminist groups about this little girl, raped and murdered by lunatics. No candlelight vigils. No tearful retrospectives. Nothing.

It’s a depressing story, but those who are really interested can learn more about this depraved single-mom based degeneracy at KOAT TV.

Little Victoria, age 10: raped and murdered by skank-ho single mom

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “Women: Natural Caregivers”

  1. I must have a heart cold as stone, because stories like this don’t particularly move me.

    Plus they’re damn difficult to comment on. What is a commentator supposed to say? “I totally disagree! Let them go free from prison!”

    Although that would make an interesting society where deviant fringes were the mainstream and ran the show. Hmm. Good story possibility there ….

    (Keep posting Boxer and I’ll keep reading and commenting. I haven’t seen you at the Temple of Sorcery recently. Keep commenting! Don’t forget me now.)

  2. Dear Sorc:

    It’s true. She’s not my kid, and everyone knows single moms are trash. Of course you’re right, in everything you say; but I suppose my motivations aren’t clear.

    We are at our best when we are exposing the institutions of the status quo for their corruption and hypocrisy. Next time some feminist comes on the establishment media and whines “we need to do this for the children” someone ought to mention Victoria. We passed laws so that she wouldn’t know her father, on behalf of feminists, and this is the predictable result.



  3. The laws that come about result from a lawyerly mindset. It is the System’s fault that the vast majority of politicians are ambulance-chasers; we need far more engineers and artists, and far less of the legal scum who dominate our higher society.

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