18 Bastards

Over on Dalrock we learn that 36-year-old Derick Lamont Brown, the alleged attempted murderer of a Dallas fireman, has fathered 18 children, through a variety of different mothers.

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Read more about this sexy badboy in the local media here.

Join the conversation on Dalrock here.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “18 Bastards”

  1. He may have been merely persistent rather than sexy. Remember, he is a negro, and they seek ass the way the founders of Christianity sought the rapture.

    Persistent in:

    (A) Seeking out new girls, every day possible

    (B) In getting them to get nasty without a condom, and knowing they were b/pill-less

    What’s your opinion of that kind of lifestyle, Boxer? Would you ever act that way?

    I would.

  2. P.S. I noticed you put my name on your blog roll — and it’s an honor.

    I would like your comments now, more than ever. I am deleting all references to women, which has been scaring off male readers up to now. From now on, I am respectful to the other sex. Why not? I value my readers more than I need to knock chicks and make dangerous observations that can get men hurt.

    Come back to the Temple. Litter my site with as many comments as you can. (I’m going to begin advertising in my city soon, and some of that spillover will come to you if you comment heavily there.)

    Hope to see you, you sly bastard

  3. While I enjoy meeting women, I’ve always been pretty careful about wearing the glove. It has paid untold dividends, keeping me off both child support and antibiotics.

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