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I could say that I study the present through the lens of historical materialism, but the alt-right does that too. They just don’t know the Marxist origins of their own philosophical system.

Mostly, I say that because I’m not a “white nationalist.” I’ve covered that before on this blog here. If you’re bored of the tl;dr and just want the basic reason, here it is in abbreviated form.


These are white people from Afghanistan. I have nothing in common with them, other than a common ancestor someplace. More importantly, I find their proclivity to shoot folks and blow shit up to be disturbing. Thus, I don’t want the U.S. government to move thousands of them into high-density apartment complexes near me, where they can spend their lives on welfare, build a mosque that interrupts my view of the city, and fill my consciousness with their alien jabber.

It doesn’t matter that they’re members of my racial group. It doesn’t matter that they’re not all terrorists. It doesn’t matter that some of their women are cute. I’m sure some would do well here. I don’t care. I have far more in common with a black dude from New Orleans than a white dude from Afghanistan.

I also don’t care about Jews. I think Judaism is sort of a silly religion, but if I’m honest I’ll cop to the fact that all religions are silly — including the one I was born into. Bashing Jews and blacks, and feeling some nebulous kinship to white folks regardless of their individual phenotype isn’t something I am going to invest any time in. Thus, I’m not alt-right. I’m alt-left.

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  1. Ha Ta-Hah! I got a reference in the main line of this website. This is as fun whether the blog has 7 visitors like this or 70,000 like Heartiste’s.

    I also appreciate how the graphic of my quote looked in the main header.

    But to business at hand:

    I don’t see much leftism in your response, Boxer. You sound like a classic moderate Republican with isolationist leanings. Perhaps tinged with a sense of fair-minded neutrality.

    I go with the alt-right only because it seems to fit certain prejudices I have. It isn’t an exact fit with me — by no stretch of the imagination — but it defies liberalism, and I am against any controlling agent in society that isn’t me. So better alt-right than pure left. But there was one guy on Chateau who called himself The Spirit Within and I rather liked him. I am forgiving in many others, because otherwise I would be all alone — and that must be avoided. ~ S*Gd.

    P.S. I bet you leave a mean comment. I would welcome if you were a regular commentator at my site. Don’t be scared — my words don’t cause bites.

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