An Open Letter to Lyn87

Down below, someone (no one knows who – lol) encourages me to come back to Dalrock’s blog and take sides in the latest pointless fight.

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To begin with, I haven’t been banned from commenting on Dalrock’s blog — that I know of — but I’m still not going to go over there and take sides.

In order to explain this shit, I could tell y’all a pseudo-religious parable, about one of King David’s best soldiers, and how some of the slackers used to goof off and distract him, causing him to stumble and lose the war.

That didn’t come from the Bible, of course. I just made the shit up. It’s relevant, all the same. We’re in a fight to the death with our enemies. Dalrock is a particularly good asset in this fight. At some point, a couple of weeks ago, I was goofing off and having fun in the comments section, and he suddenly threw his entire blog into moderation.

It was probably a coincidence, but if I’m distracting him from his good work lampooning my enemies, then it’s in my best interests to chill the fuck out and let him keep at it.

Moving on, I did go over and check out the latest tempest-in-a-teacup squabble, which is visible here.

I don’t know Lyn87 personally. We’ve never had a single private conversation. I don’t agree with many of his positions. Yet I respect Lyn87, because he never gets personal. He also has proven himself capable of winning arguments by sourcing material, making salient points, and constructing sound arguments in support of his positions. Of all the people I’ve argued with, he’s the man who has defeated me most handily, with the greatest frequency.

This sort of rhetorical proficiency makes the usual whiners all upset, so naturally they’re inclined to accuse him of dishonesty.

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While I don’t know Lyn87 personally, I’ve interacted with him for years, and I’ve found nothing in his behavior that’s inconsistent with his biographical references. He’s never boasted about being some sort of badass. He’s simply a retired military officer. Why he would lie about this has never been explained by his detractors. The most sensible explanation is that he’s not lying about it.

It’s far easier to believe that Cane Caldo, SirHamster, and various sockpuppets are lying about Lyn87, because he won an argument with them. They’ve done that shit before, incidentally.

And again, Lyn87 has won at least a dozen arguments with y’r boy Boxer. Grown men don’t get insulted when they’re rhetorically bested. They learn new stuff through the experience and their own arguments get better.

In any event, when Lyn87 refused to sink into the mire with these losers, they commenced to project their own sexual fantasies his way… quelle surprise!

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More of the same nonsense…

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Cane Caldo and his friends (visit his blog here) earlier accused me of being a homosexual pedophile (here) and then they all lied about it weeks later, when I pointed it out as an example of their ongoing dishonesty (here). Now they’re lying about Lyn87. Next week, it’ll be someone else.

I’m still in the dark as to the motivations of these corrosive idiots. They’re so consistently disruptive that it’s becoming difficult to believe they’re not working towards a feminist end. This sort of crap serves to demoralize and atomize the men that are most committed to resisting the feminist narrative. At the same time, Cane Caldo is simply not intelligent or grounded enough to be a useful asset to any sort of organized feminist strategy.

Well, whatever. I find these dysfunctional antics funny, but Dalrock may shut down the discussion if it keeps going. You spectators will have to fill me in as to the ongoing drama. It’s all too girly for me to keep track of.

In the mean time… Lyn87: Start your own blog. I’ll promote it, whether I agree with all the details or not. You’re consistently one of the best commenters there, and your background as a military officer gives you a unique perspective in the ongoing struggle against feminism.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Lyn87”

  1. Boxer I wasn’t asking you to get in a fight. I just didn’t want you to miss it. Good post though. There are a lot of people on Dalrock that would be good bloggers in their own right. Freeriker and Deti, to name two.

  2. There are a lot of people on Dalrock that would be good bloggers in their own right. Freeriker and Deti, to name two.

    Good call. I’d like to see Fifth Horseman, Novaseeker and DeNihilist blog. If they’ve got their own spaces, I’ve never seen them. IBB comes up with interesting stuff, when he’s not indulging in the typical squabbling, but his blog has been dead for years.

    There ought to be hundreds of these spaces out in the ether. Commenting on other sites is good, but shouting from your own rooftop is generally better; and there’s no reason why you can’t do both.

  3. If you look at Darlock comments today, you find Cane Caldo has posted dozens of replies, and is on his very best behavior! Nice!

  4. If you look at Darlock comments today, you find Cane Caldo has posted dozens of replies, and is on his very best behavior! Nice!

    I’m pleased if I had some beneficial effect on the poor soul. Maybe he’ll think twice before spewing his own degenerate sexual fantasies on others, in the future.

    And maybe not.

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