4 thoughts on “Yes, Of Course…”

  1. Boxer you should check Dalrock’s blog. Cane Caldo is now calling Lyn87 gay, claiming he fucks trannies.

    Unless you’re blocked over there. Haven’t seen you in a while.

  2. Dear Squirrel,

    I haven’t been blocked from commenting, but have been pretty busy.

    It’s really not surprising that Cane Caldo is indulging in this nonsense. I’d suggest you guys ignore him, but I’m a poor example of high-mindedness, as you must have noticed. In any event, it’s all just more nonsense that distracts from the work of the Dalrock blog.



  3. Hello Boxer!

    This is Sorcerygod, aka CEO Nikolic, with a new blog for you!

    I STILL remember you and I’d love if you occasionally commented on my site.

    At the very least, think on it. Click to my name to go.

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