The Horror…

Oh, the injustice that these wimminz face, when they wake up to the “equal rights and equal opportunities” that their feminist sisters agitated for.


Men have had to deal with this crap for three generations, now. Where has the outrage been all this time?

Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “The Horror…”

  1. I hope that this is the beginning of change and not just a few anomalies. I wonder if it required a long battle in the courts to come to these arrangements. I also wonder what effect these arrangements have on the amount of child support that needs to be paid.

  2. Dear Linny:

    I’m sort of an outlier among ‘sphere types, in that I think it’s equally dreadful for children to be deprived of their mothers. With that in mind, I can’t really share your hopeful sentiments, though cheap schadenfreude appeals to me in these limited cases.

    In an ideal world, people wouldn’t be allowed to have kids without being married, and people wouldn’t be allowed to divorce without good cause if they had children. If people are too dysfunctional to raise children together, then those kids would go with their uncle or grand-daddy or something. Putting kids through divorce is really a disgusting indictment of our contemporary social order.



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