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Note: This is the second in a series of posts about fake Christians. It may help to read the first here before asking questions.

Back when ya boy Boxer was a teenager, he helped compile a sort of greatest hits list, entitled usenet’s lamest losers. The antics of the last couple of months have become reminiscent of this general trend.

Back on February 24, two losers lost an argument. One of them suddenly descended into insults and lame accusations: specifically that y’r host and humble narrator was a homosexual pedophile. (Note, a bit of the original exchange is here. The entire thread, which is worth a read, is on Dalrock, but may disappear soon.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 07.04.16

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Link here.

This week, when the same two looneys lost a similar argument, they started up again. When I noted that I was still laughing at them for their recent antics, they got all indignant, as such human trash creatures will, and claimed I was making the whole thing up.

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Link here – one of the liars has a blog, which is here

I find it hard to keep track of all these idiots’ reversals, untruths and excuses without a spreadsheet, so the specifics of it don’t really matter. Even still, it can tell us something.

In the first place, it serves as a warning to any young brothers about dropping his anonymity with these supposed “family values” tradcons on the internet. When kooks attack, they always do it in full SJW mode, and their instinct is to silence you by whatever means might be expedient. As the ill-cited Vox Day has pointed out, after libeling one as a sexual deviant, the next trick this sort of garbage turns to is calling a man’s family and employers, in a lame attempt to get him fired.

It also serves to illuminate the lack of gravity in any internet discourse. All things old are new again. As it was in 1998, so it is now.

That this happens so often, to so many different people, suggests that none of us should take any of this nonsense too seriously. The real fight is in the streets.

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8 thoughts on “Boxer & His Stable of Kooks”

  1. Everyone knows the comments sections aren’t any good. Why do you still talk to them?

    You’ve spent a month wallowing in shit with pigs, and now writing a review and telling the world it doesn’t taste good.

  2. We don’t seem to disagree about the practicality of comment sections (we’re in one now – by the way). I do enjoy the aesthetics of it all, however. I suppose I’m one of the pigs, and I accept that. The entertainment is cheap, but it suits me.

  3. The very fact that Dalrock has those lunatics on his blog, being free to post such libelous garbage against you Boxer, says more to me about Dalrock’s character than anything else

  4. One can’t blame Dalrock for refusing to censor the most entertaining people on his blog. Sure, lots of people say ridiculous stuff on the average blog, but it’s not the author’s job to police this sort of nonsense.

    Hell, one can look at my blog and find people calling the Dalrock webmaster an asshole ;), too. It doesn’t violate my comment policy.

    being free to post such libelous garbage against you Boxer

    Not an attorney, but Black’s Law Dictionary suggests that to rise to the level of libel I’d have to be personally injured (I’m not) and that the general public would have to find the statements reasonably likely to be true (they don’t).

    A couple of kooks calling themselves “Cane Caldo” and “SirHamster” vomit up their own sexual fantasies, projecting the sort of roach-ridden garbage, which only they are obsessed with, onto whoever wins an argument with them. It’s par for the course.

    What really did piss me off a little bit was this one:

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