I Hate Being Married

Having been permanently banned from the pro-abortion and pro-divorce feminist forum at Catholic Answers, I can’t effectively comment on this insightful thread.

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Note the third paragraph, where the wife admits that she refuses to fuck her husband, ironically and immediately complaining about “tension.”

In the fourth paragraph, she alludes to being a professional homemaker, then immediately complains that her husband doesn’t come home, after a long day of working for her fat ass, and immediately jump into changing diapers and giving baths.

This sad tale ends with a cry for help from the forum, and a fist upraised in the direction of the Catholic god, who would “rather have us stay married than live my remaining [time] alone…in peace.”

Fortunately, PensMama was on hand to offer up some wonderfully bright, helpful, unsolicited advice.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 09.41.29Pensmama87 fights the good fight, clearing up misconceptions that divorce is frowned upon in Catholic communities. Divorce is “sometimes the only realistic remedy to protect one self” she explains. She then refers the original contributor to the divorce attorney, to get those papers filed.

Within mere moments, DixieEagle chimes in to back her feminist sisters’ play.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 09.46.14 1There is no problem with members of the Catholic church divorcing, she explains. In fact, getting a divorce is protection from sinning! Who knew?

Unfortunately, our feminist heroines began to be drowned out by a plethora of sound advice, including admonitions to pray, communicate, quit being a cunt, and go see a priest — as in, an actual priest — as opposed to reading the words of strangers LARPing as priests and marriage counselors anonymously, on a pro-abortion and pro-divorce web forum.

All was almost lost until the old guard, led by my favorite Catholic Answers feminist, Xantippe, appeared to whip the crowd into shape.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 09.50.12.pngthe fact that the husband is thanklessly busting ass in overtime actually means that he is having an affair. Thank heavens (and it’s catholic god) for geniuses like this, who can see into the most private personal lives of strangers, and pronounce judgment. Feminism wins again!

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  1. This poster was complaining a few months ago. I actually have to give her a little credit–numerous posters were telling her not only to dump her husband, but to make sure that he does not get custody of her child if she dies before the child reaches his majority; she did not seem inclined to follow their horrid advice. (I know, I know, we shouldn’t be giving her a Wife of the Year award for not destroying her family and taking her boy away from his dad! Still, she hasn’t given in to the worst elements on the thread, and that’s good.)

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